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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Saturday Workbench

I've had a reasonably lazy day today, but still got some bits done on the various counters I'll need for 3X Car Wars.

Some more paint-spray markers and the first batch of oil slick markers.

I've also placed a couple of orders:
* more 3" x 1.5" bases from Warbases
* some foam trays and Litko flame markers from Figures in Comfort
* somethings from Amazon, one of which was inspired by a comment from Dannoc

Some goodies I'd bought on Ebay arrived this morning:

These are Micro Machines and should scale well with the 3X cars.

Oh, and I might just have bought some more cars this morning...

The four black cars will be for another set of "Amateur Night" vehicles; the three silver ones will also be for an "Amateur Night" set (I've got a white version already - these were a very lucky find while rummaging in the Hot Wheels bin). The odd three will be for "Team Pink".

I forgot to mention yesterday that I'd received a delivery from SnM Stuff of Model Air and Game Air paints (including pink!) and a crown cap for my Iwata Neo airbrush.

A lot of my day has been spent printing out various Car Wars PDFs.


  1. Somewhere in the loft is my Car Wars game in a zip-loc bag from the 80s...must dig it out.

  2. Now I'm absolutely shocked to hear that you would do more shopping. It's just not like you..... :0)

  3. Ha! Bikes! Your autodueal mania is entering the terminal stage.

  4. LOL! Inspired by your RGB+Y Mercs (when they were in bare metal stage), I picked up four "FAST 4WD" for our own amateur night or demo game shenanigans. Great minds think alike?

    Now I've just gotta figure out a Division5 load out for 'em...

  5. Amateur night for your Car W£ars is going to be one big event! Are you working on an arena as well?

  6. @ Alastair - you must, you must! :)

    @ Anne - at least this time the adoptions were intentional rather than spontaneous :)

    @ Robert - no, it won't be terminal until I add speedboats ;)

    @ Nathan - I look forward to seeing your Fast 4WDs modded and painted :)

    @ Chris - I'll certainly be working on some arena terrain (bunkers, walls etc) at some point soon. I quite fancy the idea of a split level arena, but in practical terms it would have to be something like the Rubberway as I don't have that much space left for storage at the moment :)


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