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Monday, 1 June 2015

Four More Autodueling Cars

My Hopes were fulfilled - I did finish the four Mercs just before midnight. Here are some pics of the finished cars:

I'm not sure about the black-lining, particularly on the lighter colours. I might try something different next time - doing the black lining after the primer and before the basecoats as a form of pre-shading.

That being said, I've got four very nice identically armed cars for sponsored pro autoduels or maybe amateur night at a generous arena.


  1. These came out looking fantastic! You did a great job with adding those turrets to them. Now this is the kind of car I would like to own.

  2. Personally I like the black lining. But if you are not happy with the results that is your call, they are your project after all. Keep up the good work the project goes from strength to strength.

  3. Top job. Those have finished up really nice.
    I think the blacklining is a brilliant touch and looks good. But, as Clint says, it's your call.

  4. This is great work Tamsin! You are inspiring me to pick up my stalled Outrider project (Outrider is another car combat game you can get at wargame vault)

    I'll add my vote to the blacklining looking good as well!

  5. Really nice work, I am impressed with the conversion work and the paint job.

  6. Brill stuff Tamsin. This is really proving to be an incredibly inspiring series of posts. More please :-)

  7. @ Whisk - thanks! :)

    @ Rodger - cheers! :)

    @ Anne - the turrets were easy. Just the thing for with jerks riding your tailgate :)

    @ Clint - I think it's just that it looks a bit heavy to my eyes. I'll see how it looks doing the black lining before the base coat. :)

    @ Roy - cheers! :)

    @ Chris - go on, pick it up - you know you want to! :)

    @ Adam - thanks! :)

    @ Blax - you might have to wait a few days for the next post of converted cars :)

  8. Great work on these 4 cars. Love the gun mounts on the roof! Quality. Still managing to resist temptation although I was looking at toy cars the other day in Asda. Sad, I know.

    Cheers, Ross

  9. For tailgaters I prefer a flamethrower mounted to the rear.

  10. I like the black lining you can go too light with black lining to but I think this is just right. I like your turret choices too. Now its time for Pink me thinks!


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