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Thursday, 11 June 2015

More Oil Slicks & More Goodies

I was right. The red card of frustration was for my Figures in Comfort order. As well as the foam trays, I had also ordered some FiC and Litko tokens:

These will be for marking vehicle fires and "kills" during games.

During my lunchbreak today I sprayed the bases which came yesterday from Warbases. That allowed me to do a little bit of work this evening - I've splatted ink/gloss gel mix to make up another 21 oil slick markers.

I've also carried on with stripping the eight cars I disassembled yesterday. The nail polish remover seemed to be working very slowly on the silver and black cars. Frustrated, I decided to try something different. It worked spectacularly well, but I did wonder if it had been helped along by the initial acetone bath and scrub. So, I decided to conduct a little experiment - another car got disassembled and the metal body was dumped into the new product without having first been exposed to the acetone. Here are the results of a 90 minute soak and a gentle scrub (and rinse):

"What is this wonder product?" I hear you ask. It's this:

It's meant to be used neat, but that's for stripping household paint and varnish. For my purposes I've diluted it to about 50%. It's more of a suspension than a solution. It's much quicker and more effective than the nail polish remover, so I'll be using this from now on.

Of course, this means that I've now got 9 cars to mess around converting tomorrow and painting over the weekend.


  1. Nail polish remover doesn't really have enough acetone to be effective I use acetone straight up but only in well vitiated areas. When you say gel & ink mix is that hair gel?

  2. I do like the look of the Litco bases.

  3. That is one thing I do remember about Car wars.... loads of counters. As well as dropped weapons including spikes and mines and slicks and flaming slicks and smoke and Ice and Spray pain and the list goes on. There is also debris from where a car takes damage etc!

    Great game but far to many counters. That said each one you do looks good and when they are all done it will look very pleasing.

  4. Likto tokens and counters are expensive but very nice.

  5. @ Robert - It's always had enough acetone for most stripping needs, but it does take a long time even then. This stuff from Wilko is fantastic :)
    The gel is Reeves gloss gel medium (most art brands will have something like it).

    @ Ray - they are rather nice. I will probably order some packs of the micro flames for when cars are on fire but not wrecked :)

    @ Clint - yup, lots and lots of markers needed. Unless you can ban or limit dropped weapons - it still leaves plenty of weapon options.
    Debris - now that's something I can work on this weekend. Time to mash & trash all those 10-for-a-quid cars I got from the poundshop.

    @ Lee - luckily I won't need too many of them :)

  6. It looks as if you've cracked the oil slick conundrum - superb!


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