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Thursday, 11 June 2015

I Knew There Was Something

...that I'd forgotten to take into account when planning to modify all those cars to create matching sets of four.

At the moment I only have two of most weapons/turrets. I do still have enough machine guns/gatlings/tribarrels to make up one set of four, probably the "Fast 4WD" cars. Speaking of which, I realised last night that the plastic windscreen/windows insert from the one white car was a smoky colour whereas for the other three they were blue. So, I decided to take a quick look in the Hotwheels bin I'd found the others in on the way home to see if I could find a fourth silver car.

Success! Another homeless Hotwheels car successfully rescued and adopted into a loving home.

I might have adopted one of his friends as well...

The new silver Fast 4WD has been disassembled and stripped. I took this pic of the nine cars that had already been stripped:

As I said earlier, I can probably do a matching set of four Fast 4WDs. I should also be able to do the fifth (with different armament) and the pick-up. That should actually be more manageable for a weekend of painting.

The rest (and future cars) will have to wait until my orders from Sgts Mess and GZG come in.


  1. Your rocking with this project, lots of death on wheels


  2. This project is moving along with pure V-8 power!

  3. Keep going I am really enjoying this project.

  4. This really is keeping you focussed, great fun Tamsin.

  5. @ Ian - this is definitely a rockin' project and I'm having fun with it :)

    @ Robert - V8, eternal, shiny and chrome! :)

    @ Clint - I will for a while. Glad you're enjoying it :)

    @ Michael A - I think you mean "This really is keeping you distracted and helping you avoid painting all those historical figures that you really need to finish painting to complete armies".
    But it is good fun :)


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