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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday Workbench

I've spent most of this weekend prepping the SYW Russians and have finished them all. That just leaves putting them on sticks for painting, priming them, painting them and then basing them. Hmmm, maybe getting them all prepped isn't that much after all.

My starter force will comprise:

3 generals
2 artillery batteries (gun, crew and limber)
2 regiments of cuirassiers
2 regiments of dragoons or horse grenadiers (probably one of each for now)
2 regiments of hussars
2 regiments of line grenadiers
6 regiments of line musketeers

I hope to make a start on them this week, probably the infantry first. However, as the standards are cast on in such a way that they can't be removed, I'll need to decide which regiments they will be so that I know how to paint the flags.

I've also managed to pick up my paint brush for the first time in months today, and made a small start on the Mongol light foot. I'll probably do a little bit more before bed, maybe the coats.

I'll carry on with these over the next couple of evenings. They shouldn't take long to finish.


  1. Dear Tamsin,

    That's the spirit! I'm very happy for you that you seem to have conquered that fatigue syndrome from which you were suffering. Will you be painting the Russians in their green overcoats or showing their red vests? Sounds like a fun force with which to start.
    What rules set does your group play? Are most of the other countries taken?

  2. Huzzah! Good to see you with a brush in hand again after so long!

  3. Many of us have suffered a painting lapse of late. It's good to get the ol mojo back.

  4. Luckily for you, the Russian flags are quite easy to paint, lucky you didn't pick out the Austrians!!!

  5. Things seem to get back to their highly productive norm!

  6. Good to see you back in action, in a restrained, limited way - slow but steady etc.

  7. Good to see the progress my friend.