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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Oh Dear, What's She Planning Now?

So, two weeks since my last post - they're getting closer together! I still haven't painted anything. My fatigue is improving, but I've done something to my right shoulder and need to rest it until it stops being sore. I'm hoping that this weekend will see me back in painting mode, finishing off the warehouse and corner store at long last.

For a while I've had a silly idea about doing a 28mm army for FoG, but wasn't sure what era I wanted to do, let alone what army. Then this weekend my brain suddenly had a moment of inspiration. I still haven't been able to identify the source, but I have a crack team one the case.

Whoops, my mistake. It appears I have a case team on crack. I guess I'll never find out.

This evening after work I did a little shopping trip to obtain some research materials. The advantage of working in central London - lots of useful shops. Here are the fruits of my shopping trip.

Well, that's it for today's post. I'm sure my next one won't take two weeks.

What's that? You want to know what is in the bags? Oh, since you asked so demandingly.

Yup, I'm going to do a Wars of the Roses army. Thanks to those great guys the Perry twins, I should be able to do the army relatively cheaply thanks to their plastics. I will need to complete the army with a few metals, but not many (just the commanders and artillery). Another factor that will keep the costs down is that FoG in 28mm uses smaller armies (500-650 points) and the troops for this army are relatively expensive points-wise.

Foyles didn't have the MAA145 book in stock, so I ordered it on Amazon when I got home.

Part of my research involves discovering what the sprues contain, so it was necessary to buy one each of the packs - WR1 Infantry, WR40 Mounted Men at Arms and WR50 Foot Knights.


The pack contains 3 infantry sprues of 12 figures, 2 command sprues of 2 figures, a sprue of plastic bases and an information leaflet which has some examples of livery and some banners and standards.

Mounted Men at Arms:

This pack contains 3 sprues of men at arms of 4 figures, 4 horse sprues to make up 3 horses each, a sprue of plastic bases and an information leaflet which has some examples of livery and some banners and standards.

Foot Knights:

This pack contains 6 sprues of 6 foot knights, 1 command sprue of 2 figures, a sprue of plastic bases and an information leaflet which has some examples of livery and some banners and standards.

Given my family background, my army will be Lancastrian - apologies to any White Roses following my blog. However, all the retinues will be of fictional knights and lords so that I can do them in whatever livery colours I want (within reason!). Deciding on the liveries should keep me out of trouble for a few days until my shoulder heals.


  1. Nice project
    Envious of those Foot Knights as I still have to get some :)

    Looking forward to see this one progress :)

  2. Nothing like the excitement of starting a new project to assit in a full recovery - take it easy though !

  3. Great buy, your new project looks like a real treat!

  4. Awesome! That's what my work table looks like right now. Perry WotR plastics but initially for Lion Rampant. I am excited by this new project and the figures look amazing.

  5. Glad to hear you're doing better, but may I ask why you didn't consider 15mm? That really keeps the costs down, and there's none of that annoying assembling to have to bother with.

    I will go on record as agreeing with the choice of army, though. War of the Roses is an excellent choice for FoG.

  6. This is going to be great to watch (goes to kitchen to grab a drink and a bag of crisps...)

  7. Working on War of the Roses myself, though I will be playing either Lion Rampant or Sharp Rifle WOTR. Using the same figs fro Perry. very nice pieces they do!

  8. Looking forward to seeing this develop - even if you have picked the wrong side!

  9. Its a great period to play and paint Tamsin! good to hear from you again, are you going to SELWG on Sunday?

  10. I also hope to see you at SELWG. Glad that you are recovering and think you have made an excellent choice for 28mm FOG. If you need to get 2 armies it becomes even better as you can use them for both sides. All the best to you and I hope you have a swift return to painting.

  11. Yippee! You've a post about an upcoming project. Pictures of loot are appearing again. I've high hopes for you woman.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery on the arm injury!

  12. Sounds good shall look forward to it!

  13. Great choice, looking forward to seeing the results, as and when.

  14. Sounds like a cool project Tamsin! Hope the shoulder allows you to get back into the painting. Nice to see you back!

  15. Exciting to have a new project! I'm really trying hard to resist the charms of thost Perry WOTR...and trying not to think of a little retinue for Lion Rampant...

  16. Ohh... new project. Bear in mind a FOG army is compatible with art de la guerre ;)

  17. Great to know that you're still out there and I love the look of the new project - I always find a bit of retail therapy helps to lift the spirits.

  18. Wars of the Roses! Excellent choice! The number of times I have come home with an Orc's Nest bag and a Foyles bag! It's not good for my focus that they are so close together!

  19. Tams in

    Glad to see that you're getting better and planning new projects. I have wondered about WoR but have so far remained strong.

  20. You'll soon have things back on an even keel. Always good to have a hew project - I've done it soooooo many times. Be great to watch progress as I rarely actually finish one, whereas you kill'em off with depressing dedication :O(

  21. You never to fail to amaze me with your enthusiasm and joie de vivre.

  22. Ahh what a great project, looking forward to seeing what you do with the plastic mountain.

  23. @ Geordie - I was lucky as they only had one box of each in the shop

    @ Zabadak - I'm hoping the thought of a new project will re-start my brain into painting mode

    @ Monty - it should be a fun project

    @ Brendan - two of us embarking on the same sort of project? It will be interesting to compare progress

    @ Joseph - the main reason was that I wanted a 28mm FoG army just for the heck of big toys on the table. 15mm would have been a little cheaper and easier admittedly. I must confess that I wasn't looking particularly at how "good" the army is for FoG, but looking at the lists it is actually quite effective.

    @ Paul - it had better be a very large drink and a giant size bag of crisps as this project will take a while to start, let alone finish (I've got a few other bits to finish off first)

    @ Ron - three of us? This is turning into quite the fashion. The figures are rather nice - I hope that I can do them justice.

    @ Herbert - what can I say? Family ties are family ties. Yorkshire is lovely country though.

    @ Ray - painting these will be fun and it makes a change for me to be painting fairly uniform figures for a change. I don't know if I'll be at SELWG on Sunday - it will depend on how I feel on the day.

    @ Clint - I hope to be there. You're right about the ease of using them for either side, especially if (like me) you are using imaginary nobles and captains.

    @ Anne - it's about bleedin' time innit? Loot pics are always the best. OK, second best to pics of finished figures :)

    @ Simon - cheers :)

    @ Matt - I think it's a good choice as well.

    @ Rodger - if it wasn't cool, I've made it so :)

    @ Dux - the figures are lovely, but the pack sizes might leave too many figures over for Lion Rampant. Unless you are using them to do two or more forces.

    @ Seb - yes, another new project. Of course I know they'll be compatible for ADLG :)

    @ Michael - thanks. Retail therapy does seem to have been therapeutic for me - I've been quite energetic today :)

    @ Legatus - it is dangerous having them so close together ;/

    @ Peter - you know you want to give in and do WotR. All that lovely plate armour and livery. It just calls out to you doesn't it?

    @ Gary - errmm, unfinished projects, errmm, not sure what those are. Honest! Oi, stop sniggering at the back!

    @ Ashley - thank you. I just wish I didn't have phases where I don't have the energy to carry it through to reality though.

    @ Phyllion - the final plastic mountain for this project will be about 8 boxes worth I think, plus a handful of metals.

  24. Glad to see you shouldering a new army! - I love the Perry plastics! - you should be able to do a complete army with the basic boxes, the cavalry are only used sparingly in this period, and the Knights on foot should be massively outnumbered by lesser men at arms. Archers should be there in good numbers too.
    Happy painting!

  25. I'm sure it was positively terrible making the decision to buy all the boxes haha! Good looking plan! I'm looking forward to seeing this army come to fruition!

  26. Bloody good choice!! :-)


  27. Great project...but 5-600m pts is far from a "real" army...
    Take just one 0 more....always say 0 is nothing so one more is better...hehehe
    I have painted some of the Perry figs a while ago. They are a heavens send...

  28. I've fallen so behind on my reading that your slow progress is working for me at the moment. I've long thought about these Perry Bros plastics I look forward to seeing them.

  29. @ Herkybird - definitely lots of longbowmen and billmen. There will be a fair number of heavily armoured men at arms as well, simply because the figures are there and it would be rude not to make them up. They might not get used very much, but I'll have the option there if I want it. As for horsemen, again nice to have them available, but won't get used too often.

    @ Spiderweb - adding to the lead/resin/plastic mountain is always a hard thing to do. Not that it ever stops us :)

    @ Jason - I'm glad you agree.

    @ Markus - 5000 point FoG armies in 28mm? The table would have to be about 15m long to field them all!

    @ Robert - slow for me at the moment, but should be returning to my usual high frequency of posting once I get back in the swing of things :)