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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Planning My SELWG Purchases

It's that time of year again, so this Sunday should see me traipsing down to Crystal Palace on Sunday for the SELWG show if all goes well. I'm not planning on spending much, but as we all know no plan survives first contact with the enemy. Not that the traders are the enemy. Except of our bank balances. But you know what I mean, don't you?

I've been looking at the sprues of the Perry packs I bought on Monday (and the European Mercenaries pack I bought on a whim at some point) and have been working out what units for FoG I'll be able to make from them and what extra I need to order.

Luckily for my purse, I will only need to buy one more pack of the WotR Infantry and a few metals figure packs (commanders and light guns) to make up a 600 point army. If I ever want to expand the army, it will be relatively easy to do so by buying a couple more packs of infantry. I might also pick up a second pack of the mounted men at arms, which would allow me to make up 4 bases (12 figures) as knights and 4 bases (12 figures) of curreurs.

I also want to pick up a couple of packs of GZG's new NSL power armour troops. However, that damnable Mr Tuffley is always very good at persuading me to part with more money than planned so I suggest waiting to read my loot post on Sunday to see what else I bought.

I imagine there will also be some impulse buys.


  1. We all know what happens when we have a list.....

    Enjoy the show (in a relaxed fashion)

  2. It's good to see you embracing the "one true scale".

  3. I also have a list for SELWG. But I bet my list changes before Sunday. I will not plan to buy anything from Mr Tuffney this year.... I say that now. I wonder what I'll get.
    I Hope to see you there and that you are feeling Ok.

  4. This Tuffney chap seems dangerous to one's bank balance. Maybe you'll get some metal commanders or a gun, can't wait to see what.

  5. I'm working on my own list at this very moment. I'm on a tight budget for this years show, and my purchases are being planned with military precision. Unfortunately there's an idiot in charge (me) so the plan will probably crumble within minutes of entering the show!

  6. "Luckily for my purse, I will only need to buy" . . . my, how we laughed :O)))))))

    Have a good show anyway and don't talk to any strange men . . . . especially Ray ;O)

  7. Lucky girl - I used to enjoy SELWG when I lived in SW London but not been for many years.
    I've had my eye on the NSL power armour troops too - but there are so many nice things from GZG !

  8. Nice to see you coming back to blogging business and away from fatigue. Traders should really post signs giving a warning that it is very unhealthy for our bank accounts to come to them a bit too near......some of them have hypnotic abillities...believe me.

  9. I am still not sure whether to go or not. I really don't need any more figures and I should probably have a good day's painting instead!

  10. Hopefully see you there Tamsin!! With me list in hand!!!

  11. Neu NSL power armour? Drool Drool!

  12. @ commissar moody - yup, 15mm

    @ zabadak - indeed we do

    @ AHunt - I embraced it a while ago for Saga and the gangsters (and some SF), but it won't be my main gaming scale

    @ Clint - the trouble is that Mr Tuffley will have his stall on the upper level and you will have to go past it to get to the main hall. There is no chance to avoid him!
    Hope to catch up at the show.

    @ Robert - Mr Tuffley is indeed a ruthless extractor of money from unsuspecting gamers. He deliberately makes lovely figures and models that tempt you in and before you know it you have a 200 ship space fleet for a game where you are unlikely to ever field more than 20 ships.

    @ Lee - hope to see you there on Sunday

    @ Gary - if I can't talk to any strange men, it could be rather awkward. It's a wargames show so there won't be any non-strange men there ;)

    @ Dannoc - I don't go to many shows as I rely on public transport. SELWG is in London so it's one I can get to.

    @ Markus - "Look into my eyes. Look at the shinies. Give me your money. Take some shinies."
    Gamer gets home "What on earth did I buy these for? I don't even game that period!"

    @ Legatus - if you do go, keep an eye out for me

    @ Ray - hope so, it would be good to catch up. You've got a list? Hmmm, does that mean Essex and Foundry will be able to afford to go on holiday? ;)

    @ Herkybird - yup, they've released the new PA sculpts. Careful with that drooling over your keyboard!


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