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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Made it to SELWG

Luckily my Amazon parcel got delivered just before 11.30 which meant that it would be reasonable for me to head down to SELWG. I ended up getting there just after 1pm.

First stop was the GZG stall - luckily the Evil Mr Tuffley was just heading off for a break when I got there, so I was able to keep to my shopping list and only buy the NSL power armour troops.

As I was heading away from there I bumped into Clint and had a brief chat. He let me know that the rejects were still around somewhere. After a catch up, Clint headed off home and I made my way around the traders and games upstairs before heading down to the main hall, having bought the Perry WotR plastics I wanted from Harfields.

I don't know if it was due to my late arrival, but it seemed emptier than previous years. A few empty spots where there are normally traders, some empty games tables and fewer attendees.

Downstairs, my first shopping stop was for some 4Ground bits from Colonel Bills. I bought a late medieval cottage and a bunch of furniture kits.

I also picked up a bottle of Army Painter yellow paint and strong tone wash, from Caliver I think.

Toddling round, I bumped into Big Lee and had a chat for a few minutes, then headed to the Essex stand to make my foray into the age of lace. As I hadn't spent excessively more than my original plans I decided to add a few bits to my planned order. A couple of packs were out of stock and they took my address and said they'd post them to me tomorrow.


Cavalry - top = cuirassiers; middle = dragoons; bottom = hussars

Commanders and artillery

On checking my goodies when I got home, I found that I'd been given an extra pack of grenadiers, but am missing 2 packs of dragoon command and one pack of hussars. I've checked the credit card slip against the list I gave them and I was definitely charged for them, so have emailed to ask for them to be added to the items which were out of stock when they post them.

I also discovered that the hussars are in mirlitons rather than colpacks/busbies. I'll probably have to grab hussars in busby from another nation (half the Russian hussars were in busby, half in Mirliton).

While at the Essex stall Postie came up to say hello and we chatted for a while. He told me Ray and Fran were somewhere around.

A few minutes later I heard the dulcet tones of the Bromantics from behind me. We had a chat and discussed purchases for a while. Apparently the big fella is going to be moving to the Emerald Isle in the not-too distant future, so I've told them to make sure they invite me down to a Rejects game before he fecks off.

I did a bit more bimbling around looking at games and trade stands before deciding at 3pm to call it a day and head home. On the way out I picked up a green base cloth.


  1. Looking at how much you bought I think I am glad I didn't make it!

  2. Missed going this year as we had a friend coming around.

  3. Always a pleasure Tamsin, it did seem quieter than other years!

  4. Good to see you agin Tamsin, we'll get that invite sorted asap!!! Take a look at the Austrian Hussars, they fit the best, or just do the Ruskies in mirltons, I like the Yellow Hussars and the Purple ones!!! Two colours that don't get used that much!!

  5. What an awesome haul. Glad you mate it!

  6. I do like a good haul, glad you made it in good time.

  7. Definitely a lot quieter than previous years and a lot of the traders seemed to be selling the same stuff...lots of Warlord Games and 4Ground buildings and fewer individual traders...might have been my imagination though!

  8. Several of the regular traders were missing and not all the games spaces were filled. Glad you bumped into the chaps. Good to see you again and looking forward to seeing some Perry plastics take paint.

  9. You packed a lot into just two hours, I can't get that much done in a full day shopping

    Nice haul as well


  10. Well done on sticking to your list (well, almost) but it's always annoying to find that you haven't got what you've paid for, though I'm sure it'll be sorted.

  11. Nice bunch of lot. The Perry plastic horde grows.

  12. That's some haul of metal... Surely you needed a wheel barrow to carry that lot home?!

    It was quieter this year and there were some significant 'holes' in the layout where traders/displays were MIA. A pity, and I hope its just a blip. Having said that I had a great day, staying almost to the end.

  13. Nice work on the shopping Tamsin!

  14. Thats some haul there Tamsin and I look forward to seeing them painting. I do like the 4ground stuff

  15. @ Legatus - I did spend a little more than planned, so you probably made a wise choice by not going

    @ Ashley - apart from traders, I don't think I saw any SciFi this year.

    @ Francis - always good to see you and the other Rejects

    @ Ray - cheers. Got to get a game in with the big fella before he fecks off. You're right about the Austrian hussars, definitely what I'll need. I was always going to do some hussars in mirlitons. The 4 regiments I'm intending to paint are Gruzinski, Moldavski, Slobodski and Makedonski (the ones with a mix of colours). Gruzinski are yellow with red breeches. Purple hussars? Not that I can find for SYW Russians.

    @ Simon - I'm pleased with the haul.

    @ Michael - i'd have preferred to get there earlier, but it was good to make it.

    @ Alastair - much quieter than 2011 and 2012. You're right about a lot of the traders selling the same stuff (and at the same discounted prices).

    @ Clint - good to see you again. There were a number of notable absences.

    @ Ian - not getting my camera out probably helped. It was also much quieter and with getting there late I probably missed a lot of people I'd normally stop and chat to.

    @ Zabadak - Yes, well. I hadn't planned to spend that much with Essex and hadn't planned on buying all that 4Ground furniture. At least I know they'll all be used.

    @ Millsy - a fair haul I'd say :)

    @ commissarmoody - it was a complex list so I can see how the mistake was made.

    @ Brendan - I won't call it a horde until they're out of the boxes and off the sprues :)

    @ Lee - nice to catch up yesterday. Nope, no need for a wheelbarrow - fit and healthy like, that's me. Stop sniggering!
    By the way, I've seen a pic of you wearing some silly and ill-fitting headgear ;)

    @ Rodger - I'm so good at shopping I should turn pro!

    @ PK - painting will take a little while, but you should see the first figs rolling off the paint table before the end of the month I hope.

  16. There definitely was a purple regt of Hussars, I'll dig the pic out.

  17. Sounds like a good day out despite the quick pace and a decent haul (That"s what it's really all about isn't i?)

  18. My word! That's a significant lead pile. Exactly how big a truck do you own?
    ; )