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Saturday, 13 August 2022

Paint Table Saturday 13 August 2022



As you probably expected, I still haven't finished working on the German AFVs. 

"What on Earth has she gone and done to them?"

I suspect you are worried that I went completely mad. However, this photo was taken a few minutes later:

I was doing oil dot filter weathering. After applying small dots of oil paint, you then take a dry (or barely moistened with thinners) brush and scrub like mad. The end result is somewhat faded and varied base colours. During the scrubbing process a few bits did come off the StuG - those have since been re-glued.

I have prepped the figures from The Assault Group and made a start on the basing (OK, I've glued the figures onto the bases - I still need to add basing gunk and then prime them).

3D Printing

Over the course of this week I've printed a few more 1:270 scale Traveller ships:

I've got a few more to print, but they'll have to wait as I'm going on holiday. My next post will be a Wednesday Workbench on the 24th. Hopefully the break will help me to regain my focus and I'll swiftly finish work on the German AFVs.


  1. With the heat I can fully understand how long the vehicles are taking, nice prints, and hope you have a great holiday

  2. What a difference between the first and second picture, you are an excellent scrubber! (no not like that!)
    Have a great break, and come back refreshed and even more enthusiastic!

  3. It's an effective technique Tamsin, I haven't been brave enough to try it all over like this, but tempted having seen your results. Have a lovely break.

    1. It is a good technique. This is only the second time I've used it, and I learned quite a bit from the first. :)

  4. Oil washes... very sophisticated. Love the Traveller ships.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks! This was my second go with it, so I have learnt what not to do! :)

  6. That oil filter technique is a clever party piece!

    1. It's certainly a nice technique to have in one's arsenal! :)