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Monday, 27 July 2020

Finished: Some Random Figures for Judge Dredd

And they're finished! Just a few odd bits for Mega City One.

Agents from the planet p'Lus Hy meet in secret to coordinate their plans for planetary domination:

A citizen has had too much to drink:

A ganger and his chimp on a bike:

And two grav-board surfers having a friendly race:

I've left the flight stands unglued so that I can use different heights. They will probably just act as scenery for games.

The teddy bears and the passed-out drunk are from TT Combat; the other figures are from Wargames Terrain Workshop. I did replace the heads of the surfers with ones from Anvil Industry (the original heads were too large and not very nice sculpts - sorry Dave!). I'm not keen on the resin they were cast in - it's very brittle and bits snapped easily. Some of the casting (especially on the underside of the boards) was a bit rough as well.


  1. Always good to have some 'innocents' in a Mega City - it makes hunting Perps more...interesting!
    I feel you pain on poor casting, it makes washes run funny!

  2. Great work on all Tamsin, sorry to hear you had problems, must check better before sending out in future.

  3. Surfs up dude! Love all these Tamsin.

  4. Great job on the figures, and the scenery is awesome too.

  5. @ Herkybird - it does make it more interesting; I've also got a load of 1:50 scale railway/architectural people to paint up as citizens. :)

    @ Dave Stone - thanks! The roughness was mostly on the underside of the boards, so mainly hidden from view and less of a problem. The brittleness of the resin was more of an issue - a couple of fins on the boards had broken (possibly in transit) and with one of the boarders a leg and arm came off when I was removing mould lines and needed to be re-attached - it might be worth looking into a different, less brittle resin. :)

    @ Michael A - cheers! :)

    @ Mut - thanks! :)