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Friday, 21 February 2014

Challenge Day 69 (Fnarr fnarr!) - 15mm Pirates, Errrmm, Buccaneers

At long last, my pirates buccaneers have been posted on Curt's blog, earning me 500 points (he very generously gave me 4 extra points). Everyone seems to like them, particularly their colour. I've posted pics below. I've also raised my points target to 2400. Hmmmm. I really think that was a bad idea - I don't think I'll be able to make 822 points with just under 4 weeks to go, as I've been feeling absolutely knackered every evening this week when I've got home from work.

In terms of painting, I've only managed to do a little bit of work on my entry fee figure this week. I have continued doing prep-work on the spaceship lead-pile. All my FSE and civilian ships are done; today I've started on the extra NSL ships I ordered. I'm leaving assembly of these until after the Challenge.

Hopefully I'll be able to finish my entry fee figure this weekend and maybe make a start on my pirate buccaneer command stand figures.

Anyway, here are the pics I promised at the start of the post.



  1. An absolutely delight for the eyes Tamsin, great work and a splendid points haul.

  2. F'narrr, f'narr - no. I mean 'buccaneers!'

  3. An absolutely wonderful sight Tamsin! Very well done!

  4. Great too see this lot all finished and ready to rumble.

  5. Let me get my sunglasses! Very characterful and colourful. Well worth the extra points. As for your new total, very best of luck.

  6. Fantastic - well worth waiting for. Love the colours.
    now all you need is some spanish/french to beat.

  7. I really like this hairy horde of swashbucklers! With the starfleet and pirates, you have seem to gone Navy! You need to get some good honest ground pounders up before it's too late! ;)

  8. Nice work Tamsin love the colours you've used.

  9. What a colourful lot of freebooters, good to them en masse

  10. Great work, Tamsin! Keep these colorful fellows away from your liquor cabinet or they'll be singing sea shanties all night. ;-)

  11. Thanks all!

    @ Clint - sunglasses? I think a welding visor may be needed!

    @ Dannoc - they may face off against a clubmate's Buccaneers as their first fight ;)

    @ David - I've paitned up plenty of groundpounders already this Challenge - Swiss halberdiers, Korean handgunners and crossbowmen, Seleucid cavalry....

    @ Monty - too late I'm afraid :(

  12. Great work, very impressive and colorful!


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