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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Challenge Day 64 - My 500th Post!

I was a little surprised when I posted yesterday to see that it was my 499th post. It's a bit scary to think that I've reached that number of posts in just over two years.

I haven't planned anything, but I guess it does warrant some sort of giveaway to celebrate. I'll have to think about it over the next few days.

I wasn't feeling too great this morning, so I decided to skip the game today. It was a multi-player refight of Hydaspes, so my absence wouldn't be that much of a problem. It was a shame to miss it though.

However, it did mean that I've had time to work on the pirates and the spaceship, as well as doing a little bit on the NAC ships.


Last night I brushed off the loose sand and gravel. This morning I drybrushed the base texture. This afternoon I gave them a spray of matt varnish and I've spent the last hour or so flocking them. As they are now ready for submission to the Challenge, there are no photos of them today. I'll be taking pics to send to Curt this evening.

Lady Christina Recovery & Repair Ship

Today I've finished this one as well. Company logos have been handpainted followed by a spray coat of gloss varnish. The yellow parts then got an ink wash of brown yellow, followed by a drybrush of the panels. I then gave the ship a spray coat of matt varnish, then brushed gloss onto certain parts. No pics of this either as it's ready to be entered in the Challenge.

NAC Spaceships

I assembled these (with some swearing) last night. Today they got a spray coat of grey primer. The super dreadnought is a real beast of a ship. You can have pics of these!

I'd prepped and primed a heavy cruiser a while back and that has been included in these pics as they'll be painted up as a batch.


  1. That sure is a real beast of a ship. Grats on the milestone.

  2. Woot 500 posts! I;m not even half of that yet!

    The Super Dreadnought looks a fantastic model shall certainly be the pride of the fleet when painted up and on the table.

  3. Well done on the milestone! And you'll soon be at 200K hits as well!

    I've often wondered what the thing that you prop your ships in is. Something from the lab?

  4. Congrats on the milestone Tamsin. We're only just halfway to 500 and have been going a lot longer. Quite an achievement!

    1. I concur with my colleague - your blog deserves every accolade thanks to your energy and dedication.


  5. Blimey 499.. That is some posting rate, well done.

  6. Congrats lassy! You're a painting machine!

  7. Sorry you aren't feeling too great. Hope that passes.

    Congrats on 500 posts.

  8. Congrat's on the 500 Tamsin!

  9. 499 posts and everyone a gem, well done Tamsin.

  10. Congrats on your 500...in only 2 years! It is remarkable you hit that in such a short period.

  11. Congrats on the milestone achievement, somebody should be sending you some form of award.

  12. 500...Wow!!!...And so many spaceships...Do you want to conquer the Galaxy?... :-)


  13. Those space ships look cool. 500!!! That's a lot of posts. In almost three years, I'm just a little over 200. My goal for last year was to do less than 100 posts. This years goal is to do 50 or less.

  14. Thanks all!

    @ Clint and Simon - she's a beauty and a beast :)

    @ Edwin - yup, only a few days away from 200k hits as well. They are racks for disposable pipette tips

    @ Marzio - the galaxy? Nah, my ambitions are much greater than that - there's a whole universe full of galaxies for me to conquer :)

    @ Anne - but the high quality of your posts more than makes up for the lack of quantity :)

  15. Congrats on that milestone Tamsin!
    Greetings, Sofie

  16. Impressive output and always very plosives posts.


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