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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Swiss Pikemen; Next Up; Salute 2013

Curt has posted the Swiss nutters, I mean pikemen on his blog today - a whopping 512 points have leapfrogged me into 4th place on the table, 37 points ahead of Fran. I suspect that he'll be submitting some another big entry before the end of the Challenge so I'll almost certainly drop to 5th place, but could still be knocked off that spot by Ian (quite easily) or by Ray or John if they submit big entries.

Next Up

With just over 3 days left on the Challenge, I've made a start today on another batch of Swiss. Not more pikemen thank goodness - 24 handgunners and 24 crossbowmen. So far I've done the following:
Yellow Ochre undercoat on clothing that will be in cantonal colours
Black undercoat on metalwork (armour, gun barrels, crossbows)
Oily Steel dry-brush on metalwork
Mix of browns on the leather jacks of 6 figures

I should get the wood of the gun barrels and crossbows done this evening and things are looking good for me being able to finish them tomorrow.

That will give me another 96 points, leaving me just shy of 2000 points overall. I wish I had a little more time so I could get a few more done and make that mark, but such is life.

Salute 2013

My ticket arrived in the post yesterday. I've already marked up the floor plan with the games and traders I particularly want to visit. Having learnt my lesson after last year, my plan is to do my photo tour of all the games first, then do the shopping. Well, there's one possible exception to that - Gripping Beast will be releasing their unarmoured dark ages warriors at Salute and I imagine they'll be selling like hot cakes so I will pop their first before touring the games.

I haven't written a shopping list yet, but there are a few things that are buzzing in my brain to buy.

I imagine that after the success of last year's meet-up of bloggers that there will be a repeat this year.


  1. Wow, you're a real glutton for punishment with those Swiss!

  2. Blimey, your a painting machine....


  3. Those 96 points may well be enough to see me off :-) I have some confederates on the desk which should be finished tomorrow but not sure I will do more. I will be shy of the 2000 myself so it would be good to push that little bit harder but I think I will fall short.

    Why not e-mail GB and ask them to put some to one side for you, even pay them in advance if your sure you will want them? Maybe worth a go.


  4. Nice work Tamsin. The Challenge has certainly given you some good motivation for your projects.

  5. @ Vladdd - At least once these skirmishers are done I'll just have the command bases (30 foot, 4 mounted) and a camp scene (6 civvies and a long log/branch) to do. Well, until I decide to add some more halberdiers to allow me to field them as early Swiss.

    @ Yorkie - The desire to get the pikes done so that I have a usable Swiss army, twinned with the desire to grind Ray into the dust in the Challenge necessitated numerous cybernetic implants to achieve those goals. If that makes me a painting machine, so be it! ;)

    @ Ian - ooooh, so we can expect another big entry from you before the end? How close will it be?

    @ Andrew - thanks! It has definitely been a great motivator, but I'm looking forward to it all being over! :)

  6. The ACW should get me the same amount of points as the Prussians, but only one unit of the next lot are primed and ready to go, the rest need cleaning up so I won't get another batch done and finished. Not much time to do much today, tomorrow is my Birthday so forget much there then it's hopefully a nip over to the new job if the call comes through


  7. Wow, excellent work on the Swiss. 512pts in one go is very impressive.

  8. Soldier on. Great work Tamsin. I am now in the process of using a lot of Yellow Ochre on my figures, I'll be posting developments in the next day or so.

  9. @ Ian - they have put you ahead of me for now, but I'll jump past you again with my Swiss skirmishers (assuming I finish and submit them in time!).

    @ Scotty - it was a lot of work, so it deserves a lot of points!

    @ Sean - the main thing is to use a colour that isn't too far from yellow and that provides good solid coverage as a base. Yellow ochre works well, I would guess various tan and brown shades would as well, but would provide subtle differences in the final yellow.


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