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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Painting Swiss Pikemen Day 7

I haven't got quite as much done as I'd wanted today.

Rank 2 - sprayed with matt varnish; gravelled, tufted and flocked

Rank 3 - removed from painting sticks ready for basing

Rank 4 - canton colours painted

Here's a pic of things as they are right now:

Rank 4 in the foreground, back left are the rank 3 figures and what's that on the back right? That looks like a big pike block....

And a sneak peak of the pikemen I've finished so far:

Feeling scared yet?

Well, it's back to work tomorrow, so I'll only have the evenings for painting etc. I've got a bit more time this evening, but I haven't decided what to do yet - I might base up the rank 3 figures or I might do some more work on rank 4. I'll see what I feel like doing after having a bath.


  1. Great work and yep those pikemen look scary

  2. Ray is seriously trembling girl!

  3. Very impressive pikemen Tamsin!

  4. @ Scotty - that's good to hear, just the effect i was going for with them!

    @ Fran - he should stop trembling when the batteries run out in all those vibrators you superglued to him.... ;)

    @ Rodger - cheers!

  5. Pike block looking good. I'll have some pictures up later today of the efforts you've inspired me to. (Pales by comparison). And thank you for the mental image of Ray covered in vibrators. I will see that in my nightmares.

  6. Wow you are really plowing through these!

  7. Quite a task, you have my sympathy as I'm coming to the end of a bout of pike-fever too, though a bit smaller than yours!

  8. @ Sean - cheers! Your workbench is certainly crowded and varied. As for the mental image, well, it's in my nightmares too now!

    @ Smillie - I think "end of project blues" is hitting me. The last batch seem to be taking me longer to paint than the others.

    @ Cameronian - I've just taken a look at yours and commented. Nice work you've done on those :)


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