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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Painting Swiss Pikemen Day 4; Past Projects Re-Activated

And the second rank are finished! Well, the painting is - I'll be giving them their Klear/ink coat shortly. I would have finished them earlier and started on the next batch, but I had to break my leave to sit as a panel member on a grievance at work. Oh well, such is the life of a union rep.

So, here's a pic before they get all glossy:

I was going to do the basing for the first two ranks together, but have concluded that it would be a nightmare for em to try to base up 128 figures in one go. Instead I'll base up the front rank this evening, then do the second rank tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'll crack on with the third rank figures. Assuming I don't get any more interruptions to my leave, I should manage to get them all the way to the Klear/ink stage leaving me to do the rear rank over the weekend.

Past Projects Re-Activated

Some of you may recall that last year I was contemplating getting myself a Koryo Korean army, but didn't take it forward. Well, with my Sarmatians/Alans, 30YW, Swiss and Saga stuff you can't really blame me for putting this idea on the back burner. However....

"And it came to pass that the theme periods for the FoG:AM team competition at Campaign 2013 were announced.

"Lo, it came to pass that one of those periods was to be the Mongol Conquest of China.

"And the FoG:AM players at Central London did wail and gnash over who should be in which team and they did wail and gnash more over who in those teams should take which theme period."

Yup, I'm going to be doing a Koryo Korean army up for Campaign 2013. Which is in May. Oooooo-Kaaaayyy.

I ordered the figures this morning from Old Glory 15s. I've just got to hope that they get shipped quickly. And that they don't get held up for too long by Customs and Royal Mail.

With any luck they will arrive before the end of the month and I can crack on immediately with painting them. The army I'll be taking will consist of about 80 cavalry and 100 infantry plus commanders but I've ordered more foot than that to give me options for later on.

I guess it's just as well I've been doing these Swiss pikemen en masse as it has given me the practice I'll need to paint up an army in time for Campaign!


  1. That is a big commitment LOL, nothing like both feet.

    Your pike are coming along very well though


  2. Pike looking great, will enjoy watching your Korean

  3. Well done getting those old projects back online

  4. So industrious! Well done Tamsin!

  5. @ Ian - yup, but these things just have to be done....
    The pike will easily be finished before the Challenge ends. I might even have time to paint up something else.

    @ James - thanks! I'll enjoy painting the Korean cavalry, the infantry less so (mainly black and white).

    @ Geordie - this is more a case of bringing it forward. I'd had it in mind to resurrect the Korean project in the summer.

    @ Spacejacker - industrious? Well, I guess that's one way of putting it. Sheer bleedin' lunacy is the more common interpretation :)


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