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Friday, 18 January 2013

The Best Laid Plans; On The Workbench

If everything had gone to plan, I'd be in a pub (or restaurant) in Abergavenny right now, before taking an early night ahead of the doubles tournament in Usk tomorrow. And then there was snow. And not just a smattering of it - apparently roads in and out of Abergavenny are not suitable for driving unless you have a 4WD or similar.

So, we've decided instead to head off for Usk very early tomorrow morning and hope that the roads from Usk to Abergavenny will be clear enough for us to get there in the evening (otherwise we'll be desperately scrambling to find another hotel for the night!).

On the brighter side, my copy of the V2 rules for FoG:AM arrived this morning.

On The Workbench

I would normally have posted this tomorrow, but as I'll be away I'm posting it tonight.

Late 30YW Horse

These are almost finished now. The only bits left to paint are collars, plumes and metalics. I've put these on hold for the moment as I'm picking the remaining 6 figures for these units up at Usk.

Conquest Games 28mm Norman Skirmishers

As I had a few bonus hours due to my travel plans being cancelled, I made a start on these. They were black-primed the other day. First off I gave them a heavy dry-brush (nearly a "damp-brush") with Tan Earth, followed by a light dry-brush with Pale Sand. The idea is that this should provide natural highlighting underneath thinned down paint. I've tried the opposite in the past - primed white and then given a dark wash, but found that it didn't work quite as well as it should have. Priming black and then dry-brushing however seems to have worked really well (although perhaps the Pale Sand was a bit too light).

So, today I have done:
Metals dry-brushed with Oily Steel
Flesh basecoat (equal parts Flat Earth and Flesh Base)
Basecoat of woods
Some leatherwork
Basecoat on basing texture

I think these will probably be submitted for the Challenge before the 30YW Horse.


  1. Better to be safe than sorry. Birmingham has been bedlam today with only a light dusting of snow in comparison. Have a safe journey in the morning and I like what you done with these groups of mini's so far.

  2. Have a safe journey! What is FoG:AM V2? I looked for a rulebook but couldn't see it. Is this an expansion? Very much learning about historical...

  3. *checks outside* 59 degrees, partly sunny, no snow....ah, at least we have one perk living in Florida, heh, sub tropical has one advantage. I hate snow, annoying as hell people drive like idiots when it snows/ices. Drive safe and take your time....should make friends with a guy that has a snow plow built on the front of their truck.

  4. I hope the roads as clear and safe for you and good luck with the tourney

  5. Thanks guys - fortunately it's my doubles partner doing the driving rather than me. Hopefully we'll be OK getting from Usk to Aber tomorrow evening.

    @ scottjames - FoG:AM V2 is the new version 2 of the Field of Glory rules for Ancients & Medievals.

  6. enjoy your Doubles, your Cav look stunning
    Peace James

  7. Hope y'all make it in safely. Good luck!

  8. Be safe in your travels and good gaming, Tamsin! These figures show great promise.

  9. Good luck on the roads Tamsin!

  10. A bit late, but hope you made it ok!!

  11. Great looking figures! Good luck...


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