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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Some Bits and Bobs

Don't forget my First-Blogging-Birthday Prize Draw!!

Well, the Vikings are finished and photos have been sent to Curt - hopefully they'll go up on his blog shortly, then I'll post them here tomorrow.

I'm now assembling 22 Gripping Beast Saxons - warlord, standard bearer and 20 thegns. I think I'll try something a bit different with these ones - white primer, somewhat more uniform appearance (I'd probably have finished the Vikings quicker if I hadn't been using quite so many colours). I might also try using shield transfers with these guys.

Anyway, to keep you supplied with pics, I decided yesterday evening to do something a bit different. It's been a long while since I painted any of my 15mm SciFi leadpile. Well, the other day I had a slightly mad idea for a paint scheme for my NAC figures from GZG - Colonial British but updated to the future. I think this lunacy was inspired by watching Zulu again the other day.

So I grabbed a pack of 8 figures and prepped them, then after washing primed them with Vallejo white polyurethane primer. Once that had dried i cracked on with painting them. I wasn't sure what colour to do the armour though, so I did one strip in Neutral Grey and one in Sky Grey.

The other colours:
Jacket - Scarlet
Trousers and Cuffs - Dark Prussian Blue
Weapons and Equipment - Black Grey
Gun muzzles - Black
Boots - Black
Visors - Dark Prussian Blue with some metallic medium added

The bases were painted with a roughly equal mix of Black Grey and Iraqi Sand.

Anyhoos, here's some pics. I think the Sky Grey looks more "colonial", but prefer the look of the Neutral Grey.

Sky Grey armour:

Neutral Grey armour:

Looking at the figures now, I think the boots should probably be either Black Grey or the same colour as the armour.


  1. Nice looking figures, great colours!

  2. Hi Tamsin,

    good work!
    Neutral Grey is fine, I think.


  3. hmm maybe its me but the Neutral Grey seems too dark for me blurs the other colours. I prefer the Sky Grey.

  4. Interesting colour choice. I like it.

    1. Think the Sky Grey just tips it though, on a second look.

  5. I really like the neutral grey. The sky grey troops would be good security or other high-vis troopers while the neutral grey looks more like multi-purpose camo.

    Nice work and you've given me some ideas for my NAC.

  6. Enjoying the Sci-Fi. I like the Sky Grey armour. The highlights are more visible and the overall look is better. Happy Painting!

  7. I think you have the group split. I also think the sky grey is the better looking option.

    With such a tidy split I would say that either would work.


  8. Hmm, split opinions. Maybe do it is a two-colour camo of Sky Grey and Neutral Grey?

    thanks all - your comments have been helpful :)


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