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Monday, 28 January 2013

Challenge Entry #6 - 30YW "Horse"

Curt posted pics of these on Saturday, so I could have posted them here yesterday but decided to leave it until today. Here's the link to Curt's post

And here are the very same pics!

My 30YW army is already taking up nearly 3 foolscap file boxes, although I think there's enough space for the rest of the bits I have left to paint - unless I decide to do a contingent of Wallachian/Transylvanian allies or some more foot regiments!

All that is (currently) left to paint are the Hakkapelliita, another unit of Harquebusiers, 6 artillery limbers and the casualty markers.

Current Painting

My cough eased off yesterday (much to the relief of my ribs). Unfortunately it had merely transferred to my nostrils which were producing copious volumes of very watery mucous. Yuck! Naturally that made painting rather difficult - I'd manage to apply colour to a few figures then have to blow my nose. So, I didn't get a lot done.

Today has been much better and I've been able to crack on and get quite a lot done. One batch of 16 are fully painted, the other 16 are a good way towards being done (and will be even nearer completion by the time I go to bed).

I'm planning to base them up at the same time, hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday, then I should be able to submit them to Curt for Thursday. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that Fran hasn't been beavering away finishing off more stuff, so that I can leapfrog him on the Challenge points table!


  1. As far as I know Fran's been beavering away like a good'un!!! Love the figures Tamsin, I think these are the best things I've seen you paint so far! keep it up, just a little slower though?!?

  2. Really like them, they look great!

    Do you use box files for transport, and if so, do you use magnetic sheet to hold everything down and can you recommend a supplier?

    I've been encouraged by your blog among some other sources to try some historical gaming. I ordered Saga and Bolt Action rulebooks tonight - cant wait for them to arrive. Maybe one day I'll even be a prolific painter like you historical lot!

  3. Cheers guys!

    @ Ray - hmmm, maybe I'll be stuck behind the Oirishman for a while yet. I need to speed up a bit, not slow down you fecker! ;)

    @ scottjames - I use half-size file boxes for transport, full-size for storage. I mount my figures on pre-magnetised bases (my 30YW and Ancients) or on steel washers (SciFi and Saga figures) so the boxes are lined with flexometal or magnetic sheet respectively. I get my bases and sheets from Tiny Tin Troops, but there are a number of suppliers online.

  4. love the paint work on these, I have just finished my first 15mm for many a year and forgot how much fun it was.
    Peace James

  5. These are great Tamisin, really fine work. Dammit, that weasel Rousell has made a big jump forward and the big Irishman is still ahead of you. You're close though.

    Mucous makes an excellent varnish so don't waste yours :)

  6. Nice! I love the bright green and blue color!

  7. Good stuff Tamsin. I like the variety of colors in the horses. Good luck in the challenge.

  8. Really great painting, with lovely subtle tones, Tamsin. I really like these - very impressive!


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