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Monday, 30 April 2012

WIP: 4th Sarmatian Command Group #2

30YW Foot Progress

I spent an hour or so this evening priming the figures with gesso. It will probably be a few days before I start painting them, but that just gives the gesso time to cure.

Sarmatian Command Group

I got all the remaining bits done apart from a dry-brush highlight of the cloaks and the Klear/ink coat. Piccies time:


  1. great one. though not my era or prefered scale these little horsemen fill me with curosity.

    thanks for sharing. I always love that cataphract look

  2. @GJD - Cataphracts and knights always look good :)

    @Fran - pretty much there - got the Klear/ink and basing (mix of sand, ballast and tallus rather than my usual gunk) done last night after I'd posted. Just need to add flock and tufts, then do the matt varnish.

  3. Very nice - as a newbie here I hope I can get away with asking this ... what make are they?

    1. Always happy to give out information, newbie or not! they are from Donnington: http://shop.ancient-modern.co.uk/ in the "Originals" range

  4. Great progress, nearly finished

  5. It'll be good to see all the Sarmatians completed! They are looking to be a really colourful army and it will be good to see them all based up and ready for action!