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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I'm a Winner! ; On the Workbench

Last week DaveD's blog "One Man and His Brushes" celebrated it's 1st birthday and Dave held a prize draw. Well, several actually and I was the lucky winner of one of them. Here's my prize, which I got today:

I'm looking forward to reading this.

On The Workbench

In addition to the Sarmatian command groups and riders for the TEDF horses, I've got plenty of figures prepped up ready for priming and painting over the next week (7 days off work for Easter! Wahey!).

This evening I glued the Scythian horses and Chewks to painting sticks, then when the PVA had dried I glued the Alan and Scythian riders to their horses.

The Chewks:

The Alan Light Horse:

Scythian Light Horse:

Scythian Command and Cataphracts/Lancers:


  1. It`s a great book, I`ve been a fan of the `Dallimore style` ver since he did the Bombadill and Goldberry for GW

  2. Well done on all counts!!!!!!

  3. I'm looking forward to what you do with the Chewks, I have some on order, I will be cutting the faces off mine and converting them to Jawas.

  4. Lucky you.

    Now, go back to work! I want to see those horses painted in no time ;P

  5. Yeah , how often have you ever thankful for a rolling a "1"... now get back to work.. and get some painting done!


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