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Saturday, 14 April 2012

WIP: 2nd Batch Sarmatian Armoured Lancers #3; WIP: Alans #3; WIP: Battlebots #1

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I managed to get quite a bit of work done today. The Sarmatian lancers should be finished tomorrow (apart from basing), the Alans probably won't be finished tomorrow, but should be finished (apart from basing) on Tuesday. I'm putting the Scythians on hold for now - once I've got the Sarmatian lancers and the Alans based, I need to finish the basing on all of the Sarmatian force I've done so far (dark washing and dry-brushing the basing texture, adding flock, clump foliage, tufts etc) so that they are looking good in time for Campaign.

Sarmatian Lancers

Done today:     flesh touched up; bows painted on the ones where they show; equipment (scabbards, sword belts, bowcases and quivers)

Still to do:        fletching on arrows in quivers; sword hilts and lance tips; touch-ups; Klear/Ink coat

Alan Light Horse

Done today:      horse tack; horse eyes; flesh; boots

Still to do:         trousers; tunics; hair; belts; bows; equipment; fletching; metalwork (bits; tack decorations, sword hilts); plumes and tassels; ground colour on bases; Klear/ink


"You what? Where on Earth did these come from?"

I decided that I needed to get something else prepped and ready to go if I need a break from painting Sarmatians/Alans/Scythians and spotted these hiding away in my "prepped" drawer so cracked on with priming them.

They're from The Scene

Done today:     primed with Vallejo acrylic polyurethane black primer

Still to do:        everything!

I'm still trying to decide what colour to do for the armour/exoskeleton and weapons on these. I'm leaning toward a red/orange/brown metallic look for the body - I can probably achieve that using a mix of Red Leather 818 and Vallejo metallic medium. That colouring will be applied by dry-brushing.


  1. When I read of your Sarmatians always think to my Sassanids...fortunately I only have to base the painted units by now...

  2. Coolness - coming along great guns.

    And who wouldn't treat themselves to a diversion to battlebots? :-)

  3. Your output is impressive,Tamsin!

    I always smile at the mention of the Alans; I always think of a horde of clones of my father-in-law!

  4. I agree with you on the point that no matter how much you do you always seem to have to do everything.

    very nice work BTW

  5. Your putting most of us to shame Tamsin. You should join the Painting Challenge next year!


  6. ditto to Ian's comment. Great work.

  7. Considering the number of horses you are painting I think painting anything on 2 legs is a worthwhile distraction!