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Monday, 16 April 2012

WIP: 2nd Batch Sarmatian Armoured Lancers #4; WIP: Alans #4; WIP: Battlebots #2

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I had another good day today and got plenty of painting done. The Sarmatians are just about finished now - only the basing gunk needs to be added. The Alans are coming along nicely and if I'm lucky will be finished apart from basing gunk on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I also did a test of the paint/metallic medium mix and dry-brushed a couple of the Battlebots. I quite like the colour, but do let me know what you think.

Sarmatian Lancers

Done today:     fletching on arrows in quivers; sword hilts and lance tips; touch-ups; Klear/Ink coat; glued to bases

Still to do:        adding basing gunk

Alan Light Horse

Done today:      trousers; tunics

Still to do:         hair; belts; bows; equipment; fletching; metalwork (bits; tack decorations, sword hilts); plumes and tassels; ground colour on bases; Klear/ink


Done today:     test dry-brush of a few figures with a 1:1 mix of Red Leather 818 and metallic medium

Still to do:        everything!

Does this colour work?


  1. Very nice!! Keep 'em coming!!!

  2. You must be pretty pleased with the way the Sarmatians have turned out. I know I would!

    The colour on the battlebots looks fine.

  3. I like the Battlebots colour and models, where did these come from again?

  4. I like the battlebots' colour, though they look a bit dark

  5. @Kingsleypark - yup, very pleased although when I looked at them this morning I spotted that I'd forgotten to paint the beards on 20 of them. Luckily they were grey-primed, so it just makes them look like somewhat grizzled veterans!

    @Fran - they're from The Scene - link in previous post

    @Seb - I think that's just the pic - they don't look as dark in real life

  6. Very beautiful work! I like your style.

  7. Nice battle bots, colour looks good.