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Thursday, 19 April 2012

WIP: Alans #6

Gosh! It appears that Blogger has changed the post creation/editing screen to a new format. Oh well, let's see how this works, everything seems to be in the same place, just the look has changed.

Still suffering with my heavy cold, but it does seem to be easing off now, so fingers crossed for Salute on Saturday.

I managed to get the remaining painting done on the Alans, and they have received their Klear/ink coat and been glued onto their bases. This means that I should be able to add the basing gunk to these, the Sarmatian lancers and the Sarmatian command groups tomorrow evening.

After that I've got a massive job of work to do to finish the basing on all of the Sarmatians I've painted so far. This will include:
Dark brown wash over all bases
Dry-brush of basing texture to highlight
Adding rocks and clump foliage
Matt varnish spray
Grass tufts

"That's all very well, but where are the photos of the Alans? We demand piccies!"

OK, you can put those pitchforks and burning brands down - here are the pics


  1. very nice. but I'll keep my pitchfork at the ready just in case... I do not want a cold

    hope your recover soon, or at least your up to salut and give fran and ray a cold to teach them a lesson about being mean to each other

  2. Nice looking models.. can't wait to see them finished up and matte varnished.. they are a bit shiny at the moment ;)

  3. Looking good, the basing is the bit I hate!

  4. They look great Tamsin. Pitchfork down now.

  5. Cheers for the feedback guys! :)

  6. Great painted minis. I'm curious how it will look when they are based.