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Saturday, 14 April 2012

WIP: 2nd Batch Sarmatian Armoured Lancers #2; WIP: Alans and Scythian #2

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Well, a fair bit of progress on the Sarmatians, Alans and Scythians has been made over the last couple of evenings.

Sarmatians: trousers and cloaks or sleeves painted

Alans: horses shading washes applied

Scythians: horses shading washes applied, armour dry-brushed with Oily Steel 865

If I knuckle down over the weekend, I should be able to finish the Sarmatian lancers and possibly the Alans to the pre-basing stage.

In Other News:

Going Danish - I've planned my Danish 30YW army and placed an order for figures with Donnington. If all goes well, I'll be able to collect them at Salute.
Foot: enough musketeers, pikemen, standard bears and musicians for six 6-base units
Horse: enough horse and standard bearers for 3 cuirassier and 3 arquebusier/reiter 4-base units
Dragoons: enough mounted and dismounted dragoons, plus riderless horses for 6 bases of dragoons
Artillery: 4 field guns and 16 crew figures
Command groups: 4 generals, 4 standard bearers, 2 drummers and 2 trumpeters (all mounted) for 4 command stands
Baggage camp bits: assorted wagons, goods, camp fires and bits


  1. That is one impressive amount of cavalry. I get depressed and grumpy when painting 1 horse but your EDF is doing the business!

  2. Keep going, your nearly there!!

  3. What a horde, keep it going Tamsin!

  4. Amazing output you have, looking forward to the Danes. I must make a start at rebasing and re-designing my ECW. Still a bit put off with the amount of figures that will be left out from the new regiment sizes.


  5. Fantastic progress there Tamsin. Looking good.

  6. They really look fine, it will be a very nice army!

  7. Rollin' Rollin' Rollin', Keep that painting rollin'...Rawhide!

    Well, thats what a lot of early Rhoxolani Sarmatians wore anyway!

    Dont know how you keep on blogging and doing all that painting!