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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

WIP: Alans #5

Despite suffering from a heavy cold, I got quite a bit of work done on these today - painted hair, belts, scabbards, bowcases/quivers, plumes and tassels.

Just need to paint the bows and metalwork, some touch-ups and  then it's the Klear/ink coat before attaching to bases.

I should get the painting finished on these tomorrow night, and will do a basing gunk session on Friday evening (the Alans, the Sarmatian Lancers and the Sarmatian command groups). As I'll be at Salute on Saturday, I probably won't be doing anything when I get home, so Sunday will be a big session - dry-brushing the bases of all of my Sarmatians and Alans, adding flock and rocks/foliage clumps, spray matt varnishing then adding grass tufts.


  1. Looking good! What foot sloggers will you be painting up to fight along side the Cavalry?

  2. very nice glad to see them like this

  3. They're coming on really well.

  4. Coming along very nicely Tamsin.


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