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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Bleedin' 'eck!; Last Chance; Club night quick report

Bleedin' 'eck! Last night I was just shy of 10,000 page views so knew that I'd wake up to having breached that barrier, but 200-ish hits in the last 24 hours? Seriously? Thanks everyone! :)

Last Chance to enter my Prize Draw!

I'll be closing entries to the draw at 6pm UK time tomorrow, so if you haven't entered yet and want to, get your comment in on that post. There's been a lot of entries so I'll have to put them all into a spreadsheet and then work out the best way of doing the draws for each prize.

Lucky winners will be announced tomorrow evening.

Hmmm, methinks me won't be getting any/much painting done tomorrow.

Club Night Quick Report

I went along to the club this evening undecided as to which game I'd join in - the multi-player FoG:AM game or the ironclads game. In the end I went for the FoG.

This was a  historical re-fight of the 2nd Battle of Homs - the Mamluks with Turcoman (and other) allies against Mongols with Seljuk, Armenian and Georgian allies. I opted to be on the Mamluk team and had command of the left wing - the Turcomans and a roughly equal number of Mamluks.

It was a big game - 3 players and I think in FoG terms about 2500-3000 points per side, on a 12' x 4' table. The Mamluk forces had more troops than the Mongols but were generally of lower quality.

I believe that we played 8 turns over 3 hours at which point we called an end to the game. On totting up the attrition points, the Mamluks (down 9 attrition points) had out-fought the Mongols (down about 15 or 16 attrition points).

The results seemed to follow the actual battle quite well - the Mamluks' were winning convincingly in the centre, holding well on the right but had suffered badly on their left (1 BG of Turcoman cavalry broken, along with 2 of Mamluk medium foot), although the rest of my troops on that wing (especially my Turcoman light horse) were punching well above their weight and looked set to break several of my opponent's BGs if the battle had gone on another turn or two.

Who was my opponent on the Mongol right wing? Seb, who had earlier given me a little birthday present - 12  Old Glory cuirassiers for my FoG:R 30 Years War army. Once I've finished painting the Alan light horse, I'll prep these and get them painted. I hope they fit in OK with the Donnington figures I've ordered.


  1. I entered right at the start. I am thinking of having a prize draw on my blog some time, the crazy ideas one. for one product of my craziest ideas

  2. sounds like a great game, and well done on the numbers!!

  3. A re-fight of Homs? Sounds like fun. Also sounds as though your FoG luck is starting to change. And about time too.

  4. Shame you had to wind up the game when you did as it sounded nicely posed for an overwhelming Mamluk victory!

  5. That's a lot of points, any pics to follow?


  6. Looking forward to some photos as well.. 12x4 foot tables are always fun to play one.. especially if one side doesn't castle up to one corner..

  7. A win is a win, where's the pictures?

  8. Sounds like a fun evening !!!

  9. Thanks guys. I forgot my camera, but Seb had his and took several photos, so they should be up on his blog shortly.

    As fr my luck, well let's just say that if it had only been the left wing of the battle being re-fought it would have been a winning draw to Seb as he had broken 3 of my BGs, and I'd only dropped 2 of his to fragmented. However, my dice luck was generally better than normal and they were smoking hot for me in the shooting phases :)

    1. Yep, it was a good game. I'll try to upload the pics asap. And though it was a winning draw for me, I still had fresh Georgian knights (yum) and one unit of mounted sharpshooters ready to strike on the mameluks flanks niark!

      And yes your shooting dice were good;)

  10. Sounds like a good night at the club!