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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I might have overdone it yesterday......

..... and had trouble motivating myself to paint today. Oh well, never mind - it allowed me to get some non-painting stuff done today.

First off, I had time to read through a bunch of non-gaming magazines and suchlike. After that I checked my email again and had one from Amazon. My Fog:R rules and army lists (and "Essential Histories: The English civil War") have been dispatched and are scheduled for delivery tomorrow - not by City Link *grin*. There's one book still waiting to be dispatched (Essential Histories: The Thirty Years War). That will be one set of birthday self-presents - onto the next.

The books being on their way did focus my mind on what army to build. I think I've settled on early 30 Years War German Protestant, so have been working out lists for that army and working out how many (and what type of) figures I'll need.

Now, to finalise the list of figures to buy and place my order for collection at Salute :)

Oh, and I guess I really should get around to posting my birthday/100th follower prize draw. Still need to get a couple more prizes - I might head over to Walthamstow tomorrow if my Amazon order has been delivered reasonably early.


  1. well we all need a break, today I intend to mow some lawns to earn some cash and then maybe get some school work done...

    ...damn holidays teachers see them as an excuse to give you more work. if it was term time I might just be relaxing with no homework.

  2. D'oh! I'm thinking of selling my 3 essential histories (7YW, 30YW and ECW) on Ebay. Could have saved you a bit of cash!

    Happy birthday though!

  3. I'm so envious of your Salute trip, but my wallet heaves a huge sigh of relief!

  4. After all the painting you did, a little rest is a good thing. And I suppose you figured out what you needed for your army then. If you need some Cuirassiers and bandellier reiter I have some which I won't use ;)

  5. Now that's a good way to spend a day and might see you at Salute!

  6. Salute is one reason making living in London worthwhile I imagine!(LOL):-D

    I am so glad someone else has non painting days!


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