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Sunday, 8 April 2012

WIP: Sarmatian Commanders #2; WIP: Alans and Scythians

Pretty good day on the painting front today - got a fair bit of work done.

Sarmatian Commanders:

Done today:
Highlighting of cloaks and barding
Metal work (sword hilts; decoration on scabbards, quivers, bowcases)
Flesh highlights
Minor touch ups
Glued onto bases


Still To Do:
Gloss Varnish
Apply basing gunk

Alans and Scythians

These got "whitewashed" last night and received basecoats today. Having done a bit of reading lately, I've realised that all my previous bunches of horses had too high a percentage of "outliers" (ie - colours other than "bay") so this time I've decided to be more realistic. Most of the horses will be bays, with a couple of chestnuts and blacks. The Scythian general will be on a true-grey. I've used 3 different browns as the basecoats for most of the horses, with a couple getting a more orangey brown and a pale grey for the general's horse.




Other Stuff:

As well as all that, I primed the lances and spears of the TEDF riders with gesso.

After posting this, I'll quickly do the basecoat on the robes of the Chewks


  1. I do like the look of the Sarmatians!

  2. The Sarmatian commands look fantastic! Great work.

  3. Nice ... but outliers are good to look at!

  4. Blimey! you have been busy!!!!


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