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Friday, 20 April 2012

WIP: Alans et al; Salute!

This evening I have added my (in?)famous gunk to the bases of the Sarmatian lancers, Sarmatian command groups and the Alan light horse. Not much point taking pics of that, but if you insist, then I will.

When I get back from Salute tomorrow, I'll have to do the dark brown wash over the bases of these and all the ones I've painted previously, before dry-brushing the texture on Sunday.

I now have 2 games of FoG arranged for next week to get used to my Early Alans list for Campaign - on Monday I'll be fighting Andy's Kushans and on Thursday I'll be fighting Dave's morally bankrupt Foederate Romans.

And now for something completely the same:

Well, it seems to be the trend to post about your preparations, buy lists and to see lists for Salute, so here you go with mine:

Bath; wash and style hair to look presentable (and maybe a bit less butch than normal) - done
Get bag ready
Put Seb's and Fran's prizes in bag
Check tube timings so I get there when I intend to
Put camera in bag

To Buy List
Donnington - collect my pre-order and maybe get a few extra bits and bobs
GZG - 15mm: some UNSC, NAC, New Israeli and civvy stuff; some more NSL ships to add to the ones I still haven't prepped and painted
Magister Militum - a couple of "D10 in D10" dice for use in Ironclads games; some 15mm terrain and camp bits for 30 Years War
Osprey - a couple of books
Slitherine - Storm of Arrows army list book for FoG
Warlord - some 28mm plastic ECW/TYW figures
From various traders - D6s in various colours to add to my collection; felt mat; brass measuring sticks in 40mm segments; some little tiddlywinks/blips or pawns for marking cohesion states;

To See List
1-2pm in the seating area next to the bring & buy = meet up with various bloggers
Various games around the place

I hope to meet some of you guys there!


  1. well you appear to have a plan that is good. though I imagine it is far more prep that most of the guys will be doing. wish I could go but hey the other side of the world is not exactly the best place to live to visit salute. the other bloggers will be happy to meet you I imagine.

  2. I am so envious - have a great time!!!!

  3. Have a great dayTamsin. With all the bloggers meeting up it sounds like it is going to be a fun event

  4. Sounds like a great time - need pictures! Us folks in Southern Hemispherea can only look on with envy, our little noses pushed up against the window of long distance. ;)

  5. Enjoy. Won't be there this year. Again. Last four years Duty Called and I couldn't go. First year working myself and I still can't go. Ah well. Maybe it's fate? Last time I was at Salute I ended up in hospital after a dodgy omelette from the pub on the Saturday night.

  6. With all the bathing it'll be one of the freshest shows!

  7. Looking forward to it, I feel like a kid waiting outside a toyshop for it to open!!

  8. @all who aren't going - I'll be sure to take plenty of pics so you can see what you missed

    @Fran - well, at least two of us will be pleasantly fragrant, it's all the other attendees that might not be

    @Ray - you are a kid, soon to be waiting outside a very big toy shop for it to open!

  9. I wish you fun and sucess with your shopping list..maybe I can come next year.

  10. Enjoy Tamsin. Wish I was there.