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Friday, 27 April 2012

Quick AAR

Tonight's FoG game didn't go (quite) as badly as it could have - I didn't suffer an army rout, I did do some destroy 1 of Dave's units (Roman Legionaries!!!!) and did pick up some very useful hints.

I'll do a more detailed AAR tomorrow (if I can remember exactly what occurred), but here are two teaser pics - deployments at the start and dispositions at the end.

To some extent the movement trays I knocked up last night were helpful, but they were also a pain in the proverbial at times. I'll probably keep them for the lancers and maybe the light horse.


  1. With a draft part of the deployment. Wargaming at a pub, the essence of civilization; I'm jealous.

  2. I've always found that if the winner buys me a beer, that helps soothe the sting of defeat. And I do like the movement sticks! Very cool.

  3. Interesting idea for movement trays..
    Also great idea to play in a pub! Wish I had that opportunity!

  4. Shame the destruction of the morally bankrupt didn't occur as planned :(

    Still, looking forward to reading what did happen

  5. So is that a nice way of saying you lost!

  6. @GJD - thanks!

    @Lentulus and Mr Lee - the fact that CLWC meets in a pub had nothing to do with my choice of them as my club - honest guv'nor! ;)

    @Monty - if only my opponent had made that offer..... Nah, he gave me some very handy tips so I'll let him off

    @cmnash - I only planned to not lose too badly against them, so Ibsuppose I can at least say that I achieved my objectives!

    @Fran - errmmm, yes

    @Ray - yup. Definitely the beer and not my crappy dice. Crappy generalship was less of an issue last night than in previous games.