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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Something scary; Making my mind up

It's my birthday! Woohoo!! 21 today!!

Oi! You at the back! I'll have none of those comments about "how many bloody times has she been 21 already?" if you don't mind!

And the scary part (other than the number of times I've been 21) is that it's Ray's 44th (or 45th if you believe Fran) birthday today as well (the birthday being today, not the 44th or 45th part).

Having got up earlier than my body and brain like this morning in case my Amazon delivery arrived early on, I was particularly annoyed that it didn't turn up until after 5pm. If I'd known they would be delivering it that late, I could have gone out for a few hours to do shopping and stuff.

Anyway, the books arrived and I've been taking a flick through the FoG:R rulebook to see what the differences are from FoG:AM. It looks to be much more straightforward in fact.

Making My Mind Up

Right, so, well, errrmmm....

Yesterday I posted that I had pretty much settled on Early Thirty Years War German Protestant as the army I'd be building initially for FoG:R. However, I've been having second, third and fourth thoughts about it and am now thinking about

Danish! Besides having plenty of information about uniform colours and flags available, it offers plenty of opportunity for fun pastry-based Latin mottos on  regimental standards, eg Diligit Deus Noster Scilis (God Loves Our Pastry).

Mind you, I could plump for Saxony with the E30YWGermProt list, and use Saxon's discography to provide  mottos (again, suitably translated into Latin).

Alternatively, if I'm clever about it, I could make up removable standards using thin brass tubing that can slip over pikes which would allow me to use the figures for whichever nation I care to. That sounds a much better plan, doesn't it?

A Distinct Lack of Painting

Getting up earlier than my body and brain like me to is not good for painting, so I haven't done any yet today. I'm still not really up to detail painting, so I might just do some easy stuff on the Alans and Scythians - black dry-brushing tails, manes and cannons of the horses destined to be bays and either applying the appropriate washes or dry-brushing the armour of the Scythians if I have time.


  1. Happy Birthday Tamsin, it's been a long time since I was 21.......

  2. Happy Birthday! And think to French army for the TYW. They' re more "charmant"...

    And again Happy Birthday!

    1. Oi no way! I'm doing the French :) On the other hand, we could create a powerful lobby, hmmm

      and happy birthday Tamsin

  3. Happy Birthday Tamsin o to be 21 again sigh

  4. Happy Birthday!

    I hope you actually got to eat those Danish!

  5. Happy Birthday Tasmin. It's even longer since I was 21... I'm 43 next week! I think its an accounting error... that's my excuse and I;m sticking to it.

  6. "Diligit Deus Noster Scilis"

    I'm nicking that! I have no idea quite how I'm going to use it mind you, but it's going to end up on a banner or vehicle someday. Count on it.

    And a very happy birthday to you Tamsin. Same b'day as Ray. Who'duv thunk it?

  7. I had started a Danish force, but flags brought me to a halt. If you have information on Danish Flags I would love to see it.

  8. Happy Birthday! Have a decisive day and choose that army!

  9. A Happy 21st to you, who'd have thought? Two great wargamers born on the same day, with only 23 years difference!!!! Your only a year older than my daughter No1!

  10. @everyone - thanks!! If only it was really my 21st, rather than my mumblety-mumbleth 21st! lol

    Let's just say that if I was 2 (or is it 3?) years older, Ray and I would have been born on the same day - now that is even scarier!!

    @Kris - try this link: http://www.angelfire.com/ak5/alexflags/danish.html

    @Lead Legion - howzabout this one: "Manducare Scilis Aut Mori" ("Eat Pastry or Die")?

    Definitely going with Danish, but will be using the removable flags

  11. Happy birthday!! and the swapping flags sounds like a fine idea

  12. How about "Nobis Omnibus Scilis aut Mori!"?

    Happy mumblety-mumbleth birthday to you, too!

  13. Happy Birthday, Tamsin.

    Having swapable standards sounds the way to go - though read up some of the histories of the period, if you get the chance, like CV Wedgewood, and you might find you become interested in some of the other players.

  14. happy 21x?? birthday 2-3 years younger than Ray??? 42?

  15. Hearty congratulations on your Birthday!
    ...whichever anniversary of 21 it may be :-)

  16. Happy birthday Tam. I wouldnt have put you a day over 20....

  17. @All - thanks! :)

    @Gowan - yup, you got it! ;)

    @Kobold - I do plan to read up on the period and am aware of Wedgewood, although I've heard that Peter Wilson's book is better

  18. Happy Birthday Tamsin. 42 is only a number. You are only as old as you feel and don't forget we are all still playing with our toys so we can't be that old!!!

  19. Happy Birthday Tamsin. Nothing else I can say that hasn`t already been said in other comments except that you should pamper yourself.

  20. Happy Birthday to you,
    So please dont feel blue,
    Your painting is lovely,
    Whatever you do!

  21. Happy BDay, belated. good to see so many of us great people share the same birthday. I'm also an April 11 baby (42 - Wait, just realized that's 21x2.) Hmm, something to that no doubt.

    Congrats to the success of your blog as well.

    Here's my bday post:

  22. Happy Birthday Tamsin .
    Cheers .


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