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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

WIP: Sarmatian Basing; 4 months in

I'll get the WIP stuff out of the way first!

After last night's post I continued work on the 4th command group. the figures got their Klear/ink coat and when that had dried they were pinged off the painting stick and glued to their base. I then decided to add basing material. Rather than my usual gunk, I thought I'd try something a bit different. I spotted some neat PVA around the figure bases and in between them, then scattered some mixed grey medium ballast and brown tallus over, shaking the excess off.

After letting that stand for a while, I added some 50% PVA all over the base and scattered a mix of fine sand and fine ballast (grey, brown and rust) over. I accidentally left it to stand for too long, before shaking off excess, meaning that not much came off. Fortunately it looked pretty good, so I left it as it was.

This evening's work: dry-brushing bases.

I've spent a couple of hours dry-brushing the bases of the camp and all the troops I'll be taking to Campaign. I used Revell Afrika Brown (361/17) for this. It certainly had the desired effect of highlighting the texture and softening the look of the ground cover.

Tomorrow I'll be adding flock, clump foliage and tufts at which point they'll be ready for a matt varnish spray (probably at the weekend).

Some pics of the 4th command group after dry-brushing:

4 Months In

And what a busy month this was - several games at the club, my birthday and prize draw, quite a lot of painting, Salute, meeting lots of fellow bloggers, being invited down to join the Rejects for a big game of Fire and Fury......

So, how are my stats doing?

124 posts (29 in April) = >1 per day (although not quite for this month)
157 followers (51 joined in April)
13810 page views (5848 in April)

So, apart from the number of posts, April has been the busiest month so far for this blog. Obviously I'm doing something right with so many followers and page views. I hope that I can continue to keep you all entertained.


  1. The basing is looking good Tamsin. Not much now needed to finish it of

  2. Nice one Tamsin, lets hope you can keep with the fast pace!!!

  3. Tamsin, nice work keeping the momentum up. To answer a comment you left on my site, so you don't have to wander around trying to find it; if someone buys Gruntz now they get the update for free when version 1.1 comes out.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Good stats. lot of blogging going on everywhere as well. my dashboard is not able to keep up

  5. Great looking figures Tamsin, wish I could match your productivity and blogging rate.

  6. I'm one of the many who started following you in April, although now, as I watch your prodigious rate of painting, basing and blogging - with excellent results by the way - I'm seriously considering abandoning you in a fit of jealousy!!

    ;) keep up the good work, while I sit in a corner and sulk

  7. It's a good blog and a good pace, keep it going.......

  8. Nice figures Tas. Keep blogging! I have never seen so many followers attracted to a blog in such a short space of time so you're doing something right!

  9. 5800+ views. Well Tamsin, I have to admit it's well deserved, thanks to your quality blogging and very regular and enjoyable updates.

    My scores are a tad lower this past months, but then, I've been a bit busy.


  10. Great looking fig's and awesome stats. Very well done Tamsin.

  11. Cheers guys! :)

    there will be more pics tonight of the finished basing. Now I just need for the weather to improve for the weekend so I can do the spray varnishing!