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Monday 15 April 2024

Salute 2024 - The Games (Lots..and lots...and lots of pics)

As promised yesterday, here are the photos I took of all* the games.

* I may have missed some

I will apologise in advance for the quality of some of the photos - the lighting in the hall was rather variable and my camera didn't always focus properly.

Now go and make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Got one? OK, scroll on.

Exit 23 Games - Relicblade

Farplace Trading - Farplace The Game

GCT Studios - Bushido

I took this photo very early on - it's possible that there was more on show later in the day.

Continental Wars Society - Baden Uprising 1849

Corvus Belli - Infinity the game

Skirmish Wargames - Boxer Pursuing: An Unexpected Encounter

Goblin King Games - Moonstone fantasy skirmish

Word Forge Games - SAS Rogue Regiment

Rubicon Models - Oscar Mike Vietnam

Mantic Games - HALO Flashpoint

Ashford Gaming Club - I Can't Believe It's Not Epic & Space Weirdos

Simon Miller - The Relief of Norchester

Helion & Company Publishing - Renatio et Gloriam

GM Boardgames - Gods of War: Togo

Real Time Wargames - "The Glittering River" Russian Civil War River Actions

Ioan Davies-John - Packing Heat

Sally 4th Gamers - Wars of Ozz

Fyndoria Games - The Last Drifters

Trans Atlantis Games/Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy - Two Thin Coats Paint & Take

Hailsham Wargames Club - (Evading) The Devil's Paintbrush

Planet Smasher Games - Gaslands and Hobgoblin

Warp Miniatures - Arcworlde

Crawley Wargames Club - The Most Dangerous Game

Bad Squiddo Games - Colouring In

Retired Wargamers Reloaded - Hold Until Relieved

Scimitar Games Group

Levellers Wargames Club - Conquerors and Kings

ROK Minis - Small scale wargaming

Reverence Games - Last Living Soul

Hornchurch Wargames Club - Antietam

Wigmore Warriors - Shenanigans in the Sahara

Batman Tournie/Crispian Woolford - Batman Tournament

These games were on the Wayland Games stand:

Italian Municipality of Gradara/University of Edinburgh/Oshiro Models - Siege of Gradara

Random Platypus Games - Wild In The Streets

Game Therapy UK - therapeutic games

Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society - Rage of the Beast

Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society - The Longest Night

Yarkshire Gamer/Leeds Wargames Club - Battle of Jutland

South London Warlords - A Song of Ice and Fire

South London Warlords - Space 1889 - Cloudships!

South London Warlords - Operation Warboard

South London Warlords - not entirely sure...

Titan Owners Club - Warhammer Adeptus Titanicus showcase

Milton Hundreds/Sheppey Models - WW2 Company Commander

Magrathea Builder of Worlds - The Battle of Luneden Stone (Burrows & Badgers)

Pendraken - Future War Commander

Bunny Badger Games/Frothers - Trumpocalypse & The Adventure Game

Crooked Dice - 7TV

Uhrwerk Verlag - Chronopia

Great Escape Games - Dead Man's Hand Redux

Maidstone Wargames Society - the Summer of 77

Essex Warriors - Marvel Zombicide

Bloodforged Games - Sythopian Wars

Surrey Spartans - Takkure demo

Oathsworn - Burrows & Badgers

Peter's Paper Boys - American Civil War

Osprey Games - Oathmark

Osprey Games - A War Transformed

Osprey Games - The silver Bayonet: Egypt

Eavier Metal - speed painting

Griffcon - hobby lounge 

Masterstroke Games - Force of Virtue

Twilight Miniatures - a couple of small games

MAD Gaming Terrain - build and take; 40K Combat Patrol

Olmec Games - no idea s they weren't listed and they weren't at their table to ask

The Drowned Earth - demos of the game

Caseshot Publishing - The Assault on Fort Mulgrave, Toulon 1793

Cornwall Wargames Association - Gallants of Fowey

London Wargames Guild - What a Viking!

Grumpy Gorilla (DMB games) - Rosebyrne Manor

Bello Ludi - skirmish and large scale demos

Veterans Wargames Association - The Quick and the Dead

Loughton Strike Force - Saigon '68

Duncan's Band of Brothers- A Road in Normandy

Kitastrophe Miniatures - Warbot Arena

I have no idea - not on the list, no signage that I saw

Footsore Miniatures - Gangs of Rome

Tempus Fugitives - Elizabethan swordplay (you could book in advance for sessions)

Brecon Wargames Club - DAK Attack

Too Fat Lardies - Stalingrad (What A Tanker)

1/72 Wargames - The Defence of Duffer's Drift

Gentlemens Wargames Parlour - The Pirates of Penzance

Gravesend Gamers Guild - Yuletide Mayhem (Gaslands)

Form Square Games - Santa Maria and Capri

Form Square Games - Maida

Marquee Models - Star Wars Legion

Oakbound Studios - The Woods

Society of Ancients - Battle of Thapsus

Too Fat Lardies - General d'Armee

Too Fat Lardies - Strength & Honour

The Boom Squad - Tin Tin based adventures (Pulp Alley)

Modiphius Games - Fallout Factions

Pandyman - Tench Offensive

Sarissa Precision - Clash of Rhyfles (Quark Wars)

Sarissa Precision -  not sure what game this was

Asmodee - demo games (Song of Ice & Fire; Star Wars Legion; Star Wars Shatterpoint; Marvel Crisis Protocol)

There were a number of small games on traders' stands that I didn't take photos of.


  1. Man, that was a long report, but worth it! For those of us up North its nice to see so much of the show, thanks for you efforts!

  2. Wow there was certainly a lot to see…
    Thank you for taking all those pictures…

    All the best. Aly

  3. Wow, wow, Tamsin! Great collection of shots.

  4. I sat down with a coffee and pored over all those photos, some great games out there and lovely set ups, really enjoyed seeing them.

  5. thanks for the full range of picks …… simple but, I stopped at the ‘The Black Island - Tintin’ shot with the book ….. nostalgia at its best!

  6. Thanks for sharing Tamsin, even when I was at the show I never had time to see all the games and relied on your post, to see what I missed.

  7. Lots of stuff which I expect at Salute - a few decent large one

  8. Looks like amazing event! Thx for a lot of pics :)

  9. Some great looking games Tamsin

  10. Great to see you back posting, Tamsin, and oodles of great-looking games to stare at. Thanks very much for taking the time to post all these pics. It must have taken an eternity.

  11. Thanks for the comments, folks! It only took me about 2 hours at the show to take them all, then at least the same again to resize them all for the blog! :)