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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Wednesday Workbench 24 February

 Blimey! It seems like a positive age since I did a "Wednesday Workbench" post (quick check - it was late last October, if you ignore non-~Wednesday workbench posts).

I've finally finished painting the 6mm Union cavalry:

Next up - 6mm Confederate cavalry:

I'll be starting work on these tomorrow - hopefully I'll get these finished somewhat quicker than their Union counterparts!


  1. Looking good. ACW look forward to seeing these based up.

    I haven't done any 6mm in a while...I feel a Baccus order in my future!

  2. Great work on the cavalry Tamsin

  3. ACW is a fun period to play, and like all Civil wars, everyone knows deep down in their heart which side they like best!