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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Finished: Cop Shop & Grav Lift/Platform

Continuing with the terrain theme, I have finished a couple more pieces today.

Police Station

This Police Station from TT combat is for my Salutesville pulp era collection. I had assembled it a couple of years ago, but only just got round to priming and painting it. I think that was at least in part because I realised that it would have been so much easier to paint the interior details before assembly.

Top floor

Ground floor

Grav Lift/Platform

This kit was from Warbases (apart from the drinks can - don't remember what that was) and will be joining my other Strontium Dog terrain.

I've spent most of this afternoon priming all of this resin scatter terrain (and a couple of figures):

Mix of Antenociti's Workshop, TT Combat and Wargames Terrain Workshop

I still need to do some zenithal highlighting on the vehicles and figures, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I've also got these MDF bits to spray prime (having restocked with matt black from Poundland on Friday).


  1. The TT Police Station is one of my 3 favourite mdf buildings -the Sarissa Plancenoit church and Manor House being the other two.

  2. Great stuff to add to your massive terrain collection! More excellent work Tams!

  3. Great stuff, especially the Police Station

  4. Excellent work on these Tamsin. I am sure we have all built an mdf kit & realized doing the interior work prior to the build is the best choice, so your just like the rest of us on that account.

  5. Excellent work on the terrain Tamsin, and more to come as well, your output at the moment is immense

  6. @ Rob - thanks! It is a great building. :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! :)

    @ Neil - thanks! :)

    @ Terry - cheers! I'm sure we've all done that at some point! :)

    @ Dave Stone - thanks! :)

    @ Paul - cheers! :)