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Sunday, 16 October 2016

New Table and A Courthouse Confrontation

My new table and chairs were delivered just before 9am this morning and two hours later they were unpacked and assembled. I'd acquired quite a bit of white polystyrene packaging from the various packs of flat-pack furniture I've bought over the last few months. So, I sorted through it to find anything which might be suitable for making hill shapes, then dug out my little hot-wire cutter and set about shaping them. These will be for going underneath a cloth, so no need to painting, gritting and flocking.

I know what you're thinking - cream/ivory coloured seats, how long until they get dirty. Yes, well...

Various hill, ridge and undulation pieces

And under a cloth
I do have two more pieces that need shaping. Unfortunately I managed to snap all five cutting wires I had - a mixture of flimsy wire and me trying to go too fast/hard with the cutting. I'll have to take a trip to 4D Model Shop at some point to either get more wires or a new cutter.

Just after I'd taken the photos above, I thought it might be nice to see how much space all the buildings I've painted up for Salutesville cover so I put down my grey slate floor tiles and arranged the buildings. Of course, it would have been a shame to waste the opportunity to get out some of the vehicles and all the figures for a photo session, so that's exactly what I did.

A Courthouse Confrontation

The feds have caught up with Il Postino Diablo and he's been arrested and taken to the Supreme Court for arraignment. Anticipating trouble, Salutesville's Finest have mounted a heavy guard to prevent any rescue attempts...

Unaware of what is about to go down, Salutesville's citizens go about their daily business...

As Evil Postie is the only one who knows where all their ill-gotten gains are stashed, his mob react to liberate him. Ray "The Badger" Rousell's gang are first on the scene:

One of Big Lee's Bad Boys has managed to sneak behind some of the coppers:

And Fran's mob are starting to arrive in dribs and drabs:

Will they manage to break him out of custody? Read all about it in the late edition:

And the band played on...

So, the buildings I've painted so far do cover a 3' x 4' table quite nicely. I've got another seven to assemble and paint at some point which are all reasonably large, so I could potentially fill a 4' x 6' table. Time to acquire some street features I think.

Oh, and then there's the docks, the rail freight yard, Chinatown, the rural retreat...


  1. Nice furniture, nice hills, nice courthouse

  2. Everybody is going to get ventilated!

  3. Looking great Tamsin, but when is the Badger gonna try and take over from Postino, I think he deserves it after all the hard work he's put in recently?

  4. Ooh, nice. All round your place for a game, is it? :)

  5. What a great setting. All the work is coming together.

  6. A very nice set up. postie is a scourge and needs stamping out for good. I would raise my glass to slutesvilles finest, but well prohibition means it is just a glass of fizzy pop!

  7. Salutesville a growing modern town, very nice Tamsin!

  8. Very nice all round Tamsin, loving the Salutesville set up.

  9. Table look great both with and without a cloth. Salutes vile looks great!
    Cheers, Peter

  10. Salutesville looks amazing mate

  11. That town is inspiring. I need to get back at some terrain work myself.

  12. That town is inspiring. I need to get back at some terrain work myself.

  13. Great table and chairs and set up.

    Happy Almost Halloween !!!!

  14. You've been busy and it all looks good. Terrific.

  15. Excellent job. Looks like an exciting setup. Topography looks to be proceeding well. Also everyone needs a reliable, stable and practical table. Sounds obvious but I know some guys who use a tray!...go figure?

  16. Love the courthouse and the various vehicles. Great setup Tamsin (and a nice dining set as well).

  17. Salutesville is really starting to look the business!

  18. A great town you have there - I'm still in awe of the court house. Fantastic.

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  20. Great loooking set-up and all primed ready for the action.

  21. @ Martin - cheers, cheers and cheers! :)

    @ Francis - I fully expect they will :)

    @ Ray - thanks! Do you really think Il Postino would allow the Badger to take over from him? ;)

    @ Roy - cheers! Not quite ready for hosting games, but getting close :)

    @ Norm - thanks! I've got a bunch of stuff still to do to be ready for some proper games - loads more figures and scenery still to be painted and assembled :)

    @ Clint - cheers! Enjoy your fizzy pop, but watch out for severed horse heads in your bed! :)

    @ Simon J - thanks! Salutseville is steadily growing and will soon be a thriving cesspool of [dis?]organised crime :)

    @ Michael A - cheers m'Lord! :)

    @ Peter D - thanks! :)

    @ Paul O'G - cheers! :)

    @ Alessandro - thanks! :)

    @ Da Gobbo - cheers! :)

    @ J Womack - thanks mate! Terrain is always good :)

    @ Whisk - cheers m'dear and happy almost Halloween! :)

    @ Paul R - thanks! Sadly, not as busy as I should have been :)

    @ David C - cheers! :)

    @ Service Ration - thanks! People use trays for gaming?!>! :o

    @ Curt - cheers Snowlord! :)

    @ Millsy - thanks mate! :)

    @ Dannoc - cheers! I think the courthouse still needs a little bit of work but it will do for now :)

    @ Zabadak - thanks! :)

    @ Dave D - cheers! And there's more waiting in the wings to add to it :)