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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Mongol Light Foot

Last night I decided to be brave and open the bathroom window to do the spraying which the rain on Sunday had prevented. Did I say brave? What I meant was foolhardy. It took several hours for the temperature in my flat to be restored, not helped by my boiler sulking (it's in a cupboard off the bathroom) for a few hours.

Anyway, all the spraying got done which meant I could do the final steps - flocking the Mongols, gluing flight peg toppers to the ships and using brush-on satin or gloss varnish on certain parts.

This evening I've taken some pics of the Mongol light foot. I would have taken pics of the spaceships as well, but my camera battery had run low. I'll do them tomorrow.

I was going to place an order with GZG this week for a few bits (their Christmas deal is running at the moment), but I've decided to hold off until after the weekend. There is a very good reason for that - Clint and I will have a side-challenge going on during the Challenge around painting spaceships. We'll be sorting out the details on Saturday when I head down to Postie's for a game with the Rejects.

For those of you who don't know about GZG's Christmas deal, head on over to their website and you'll find details on the front page. Freebies with every order and a discount voucher to use in the New Year. What's not to like? However, to make the most of the offer, I'll need to order a bit more than I'd originally planned. And then some more in the New Year to make use of the discount voucher. Mr Tuffley is an evil, evil man! *grin*


  1. great stuff Tasmin - i knew they would look the business when they were based.

  2. Splendid looking minis and I like the basing. Good luck with the spaceship challenge against Clint. Really looking forward to you two sparing off of one another :-)

  3. Nice painting :)

    GZG now their is a tempting Xmas bundle
    I am trying to be good and paint what I have before I stray further
    Good thing about Sci-Fi the OoB is literally what you want to make of it

    Hope Santa is kind to you :)

  4. Excellent painting. I too am trying (with limited success) to focus most of this year's painting challenge entries on existing "inventory"

    Have fun at Posties game

  5. Marvelous job Tamsin. Your spaceship challenge is going to be a fun one and I'm interested on what the parameters will be.

    Have fun with the Rejects on Saturday and hope you win!

  6. The mongol light horse do look very good.

    Don't feel you have to wait to order from that nice Mr Tuffney we can set the side challenge parameters around what we both already have. No point making it hard for ourselves after all. And really no point making it hard for me!.

    Good luck with the painting challenge. I am gonna need it!

    1. Erhm Light foot. Not light horse.

  7. They look great Tamsin and it shows the great pains that painters go to to get things done

  8. They look awesome Tamsin! Very well done!

  9. Lovely job Tamsin; we have a sulky boiler too, it regularly forgets the time and forgets to come on!

  10. Lovely work with these Tamsin. I always prefer units that are comprised of figures with a range of different poses and slight difference is dress (where appropriate).

  11. Very nice work, Tamsin. Great use of colours to perk uo what could otherwise be a fairly drab (and stinky) bunch. I like the fur hats. They'd be right at home here in Canada. Hope you have a hat like that if your heat stays dodgy.

  12. Nicely done Tamsin they look great. I have been admiring there Fireforge bigger versions.

  13. You've crammed a lot of detail into those Mongols and they look all the better for it.
    GZG is indeed evil and cunning, yet pleasantly delightful too.

  14. They look very good for that size impressive. A spaceship side challenge very interesting.

  15. @ Dan - glad you like them :)

    @ Blaxkleric - thanks. The spaceship challenge with Clint should be fun

    @ Geordie - cheers. GZG seem to have an uncanny ability to extract money from people. *grin*

    @ Miles - unfortunately this year's Challenge will only make a small dent in my existing inventory *eek*

    @ Anne - spaceships are always fun, even without a silly side-challenge. I think the parameters are going to be most points of spaceships painted, but the final details will be sorted out tomorrow.

    @ Clint - someone's stolen their horses!?!? ;)

    @ Petal - we do suffer for our art :p

    @ Rodger - thanks! :)

    @ Michael A - mine does that as well. Maybe they're cousins?

    @ James - cheers. I'm a big fan of using a mix of figures in units where possible. I think it makes them look more interesting. Besides, for the irregular troops I normally have in my armies it just looks "right"

    @ Michael P - thanks Padre. These would be the poorer troops in the Horde, but they'd still have some colour, so I went with a good mix. As for warm hats, I have several luckily (although I probably need them less here than you guys do in Canada).

    @ Simon - the Fireforge models are rather nice.

    @ Zabadak - the detail is all from the sculptor. I just did a reasonable job of painting what he'd produced. I think the thing with GZG is that they produce such lovely shinies.

    @ Robert - hopefully the spaceships Clint and I paint up will meet your expectations :)

  16. Reading of your tribulations with heat and batteries and so forth gives me the distinct impression that you and electricity are not on the best of terms...!

    Hang in there; the Challenge awaits, and we can't have you sidelined!


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