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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Finished 4Ground Cottage

Well, it's finished, as you've probably gathered from the title. Time for some pics:

At some point in the future I might have to buy some longish static grass to add to the floor as rushes/straw of this and the other 4Ground buildings.

In Sunday's post I forgot to mention that I'd ordered a few bits and bobs at the weekend. Not a lot. A few packs of Old Glory 15s from Timecast to fill out my Korean army; some Adler 6mm ACW strips to see how they match up with the Baccus figures (mostly command figures and odds and cavalry with firearms to provide some variety) and some bases from Tiny Tin Troops.

I still haven't done any actual painting, but my excuse is that the cottage was taking up my workbench. Now I don't have that excuse, I'll have to finish off those Mongol light foot tomorrow.

Dave over at One Man And His Brushes has just taken delivery of a spray booth kit which he'd ordered through Amazon. I've been meaning to get one but hadn't thought to look there. Now I know what my next purchase will be (unless I remember to order the extra Mongol heavy cavalry figures I need from Donnington beforehand).

Hopefully tomorrow evening - once I've finished painting the Mongol light foot of course - I'll do the AAR from last Thursday's game of Art de la Guerre. I've just signed up for a club ADLG competition so I need to get some practice in. I've picked Alans. My opponents in my group have picked Patrician Roman and 2 variants of Macedonian Successors. Not opponents that my horsey boys with pointy sticks really want to face head on. I think I might have to keep my lancers off to the flanks and occupy them frontally with a mass of light horse and shooty medium cavalry.


  1. I painted a beach sand and PVA glue mix on the floor of my 4ground buildings.
    Such a cool product.

  2. Great looking building, might have to get some myself, cheers :)

  3. Great job - I like how you layered the roof thatching

  4. Thats a great building there Tamsin

  5. The building has come out very nicely.

  6. Very nice. Those 4Ground buildings are excellent and your customisation makes it look even better,

  7. Good to see the completed building.

  8. Round this neck of the woods old buildings like this would have had a bare chalk floor, which was hardened by adding milk (!) so a white floor beneath the rushes wouldn't go amiss.

  9. Nice build. I have some of their Wild West buildings.

  10. The thatch is very nice it looks great.

  11. Very nicely done - I've struggled with the teddy bear fur thatched roofs but you seem to have done yours superbly

  12. Thanks for the comments folks.

    @ Brendon - floors were rarely left bare, which is why I plan to do "rushes" (which could be over a PVA/sand mix

    @ Paul O'G - the layering was very little to do with me, more the effect from how the roof is constructed in two parts

    @ Pendragon Without - I hadn't given much thought to what the floor would be like under the rushes. I might go with a chalk effect by painting/washing the PVA/sand mix Brendon suggested with an off-white colour

    @ Miles - the main problem is getting the fur to stick properly to the MDF. I think for future buildings done with thatch I'll use some spare MDF bases on the non-glue side to help clamp it flat. The trick I've found for getting the thatch look right is to "backcomb" the fur a bit before running 50% PVA through with a stiff brush.


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