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Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Gangsters Are Finished

....more or less. I've noticed a couple of touch-ups I need to do and they still need to be varnished, but I'll go with photos now anyway. There are rather a lot of photos in this post.

All eleven of them:

One of these will be for Postie, the other three will be giveaways. Fran or Ray - can you ask Postie which one he wants and then let me know?

This lot will be the Piper-Malkin Gang as Christmas presents for my family. Once I've got some bits and pieces, I'll do a proper write-up about the gang.

And individual pics. First of all, Postie and the giveaway figures:

As soon as Fran or Ray lets me know which figure Postie wants I'll do a post giving the back-story of how he came to be a criminal mastermind.

Finally, the Piper-Malkin Gang's figures:

I do know which figure will be which member of the gang, but I'll leave that for the back-story post.


  1. Excellent work Tamsin full of real colour and life

  2. Nice gang. Even without concrete overshoes and swimming wit da fishes.

  3. Nice looking gang... the fat mobster is the coolest.

  4. Great work...So, one day, my Martial Artists will have someone to fight... :-D


  5. They're a very slick looking gangs

  6. Hi Tamsin,

    great work ! well done!
    I thought that Gansters were from the Specials ;-)
    but they are also from Tamsin

    All the Best

    Gilles "Ska forever"

  7. Great figures and great brushwork.
    "Here's looking at you kid"

  8. Tamsin, you absolute star, great job!

  9. Great painting and a brilliant idea on gifting, Tamsin! I may lift that idea next Christmas. So, thanks for that. :-)

  10. Great work. I cannot wait to read the story behind the gang. Maybe the moll with the blue und white dress as the "Leader of the pack"....a bit Ma Baker style


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