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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Oh dear....

You give in to one demand from those pesky mobsters and they come back with more and bigger demands.

"We need some transportation - get us some cars"
"We need a home and some legitimate businesses to operate from"
"We need some more foot soldiers to expand out criminal empire"
"We need civilians to intimidate, rob and extort"

Not wanting to wake up and find a horse's head in my bed or to find myself wearing concrete overshoes as I slip slowly below the surface of Lake Michigan, I duly complied. An order has gone in to Sarissa Precision for a few of their City Block buildings and one to Old Glory UK for some Blue Moon vehicles and figure packs.

What they don't know is that I've ratted on the punks and ordered some Feds and plods and a vehicle for them!

I'm in a bit of a debate about what rules to use though. One part of me is leaning towards a generic plot driven set like Pulp Alley or 7TV, whilst another is looking more to rules specifically written for Prohibition era gaming.

When the goodies come in, painting priority will go to the vehicles and buildings so that I can get some photos done of the figures I've painted up for gifts and prizes. The figures for gaming won't be painted to quite the same standard and I've ordered another pack of the "Named Gangsters".

There is of course a risk that I won't find anyone to game with, but I think it's worth taking just for the "rule of cool" factor of gangsters. Besides, I can always do some solo games if nobody else is interested.


  1. I have a copy of Mad Dogs with guns, and Bootleggers , both look ok. Check out evil bay for vehicles... LLEDO range.. Go for peanuts.

    1. Oh also check out Pulp Alley

    2. I'll second that. Great rules written by real gamers and packed with all the enthusiasm and fun you'd hope for when that's the case.

  2. Try Freewagames.co.uk I am sure they is some rules there or you could use Legend of the West with so mods.

  3. I assume you know the second Pulp Alley supplement 'Vice Alley' is now out?

  4. Pulp has really grabbed you hasn't it. And you didn't think you could paint character figures, yet you can! Looking forward to seeing those buildings and the car posted.

  5. The rule of cool is hard to fight.

  6. Sounds like a plan!

    Pulp Figures has lots of various gangland types, and they have some free set of rules: http://pulpfigures.com/rugged_adventures/

    Also, if you don't have it, there's a free download of Pulp Alley - it doesn't have the character generation apparatus, but it's enough to see if you like it.

  7. What a great period to get into, I look forward to seeing where this takes you :-)

  8. I reckon that there are a few "Necromunda" players at your club..... that is where I would start looking for players. It's the right scale and level for them with number of figures etc. I would also suggest eBay for Cars. Ok you will have to pay postage but they will not require assembly. As for rules I am sure you will either find the right set for you!

  9. Sounds like a great plan and a good project

  10. @ Dave - cheers for the PDF of MDWG - looks just the ticket.

    @ Millsy & Robert Herrick - I've got the free download and Pulp Alley certainly looks interesting, maybe to run alongside a main campaign using MDWG

    @ PK - the only rules I found there were ones I'd already downloaded (which are more RPG than wargames)

    @ Edwin - as far as I can make out, Vice Alley isn't out just yet but should be soon. I think it was this weekend that they posted some early WIP pics of the city block terrain they are building so that they can do photos for the supplement

    @ Anne - I think that back in the mid (mumble)ties when I was a teenager I had thought about gangster gaming. I guess painting these mobsters up has reignited that idea.
    I've never said that I can't paint character figures, just that they aren't my strong point.

    @ Brendon - indeed it is

    @ Robert - I've looked at the Bob Murch figures and they do look cool. There are a few figure packs that I'd be interested in getting, mostly as "scenery" - the jazz band, the boxers, femme fatales, the film crew....

    @ Red dog - it should be fun

    @ Clint - if it takes off, then I might have to sign up for ebay if I need more cars. As for other players, if I can keep the outlay low (6-12 mobsters, a car and maybe a building per player) that should help encourage people to join in.

    @ loki - great plan? Avoiding being invited to sleep with the fishes? I guess so ;)

  11. I'm following this project with great interest. I'm yet to put paint on my own ageing gangster collection of OG, Glory and Brigade minis. The Sarissa modern tenements are great, but their victorian range of buyildings are also suitable.

  12. A recommendation for Pulp a Alley from me - lots of fun and very adaptable!

  13. Oh dear sounds like you're going to be busy - I can't wait to see the new purchases.

  14. Quote "There is of course a risk that I won't find anyone to game with, but I think it's worth taking just for the "rule of cool" factor of gangsters. Besides, I can always do some solo games if nobody else is interested." Tamsin you are not alone. I cant remember how many projects I have started and bought into with absolutely no idea who will actually game with me!

  15. @ Zabadak - if/when I expand the town, I'll be looking at buildings from a variety of ranges

    @ Phil - it certainly looks good for some plot driven games. I'd have to figure out a conversion from whatever rules are used for larger skirmishes

    @ Michael - once the buildings arrive (possibly this week - they were dispatched today) I'll start work on them. No news on the Old Glory UK order yet :(

    @ Carl - risks have to be taken sometimes :)

  16. Great work on the Gangsters Tamsin. It will be great to see where you go with this project.

  17. Ohh ohhh....when the godfahter has you in his clutches......
    I like playing with the Legends of the Old West rules. Some slight modifications and you can use it for the Prohibition Era...so do not get caught with strong liquor because it is the devil brew......

  18. @ Sean - cheers. I want to see where this project goes as well!

    @ Markus - WS&S had a mod for Legends a few issues back. I understand there was a supplement from GW as well

    @ Francis - there will be molls

  19. Try the rules from Two Hour Wargames: Chain Reaction 3.0 is free as is a small Gangster supplement.




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