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Monday, 16 December 2013

New Starships from GZG

I just got this email:

Yes, you did read the subject line right... after a long while of me 
being so busy with the 15mm side that the FT fans have been feeling 
(justifiably) neglected, I had promised several customers that if at 
all possible I WOULD have some more starships out before the end of 
the Christmas offers..... and after working all through the weekend 
(no rest for the wicked, or for minis manufacturers!) I now have some 
almost ready to go: not a huge batch, but six new ships all 
master-moulded and ready to have production moulds made in the next 
day or so.

There are two new classes for the SCAN-FED, two for the CRUSTIES (the 
old "Mystery Fleet" range) and two variants of a new 
MERCHANT/CIVILIAN ship - I will release full details as soon as 
pictures have been taken and the minis are ready for sale, but rest 
assured that will be well before we close the Christmas Offers this 
coming Friday (20th), so you'll still be able to squeeze a 
last-minute order in and take advantage of the offers.

Now that I'm back into the swing of mastering Starships after the 
long break from them, these latest releases will be followed by quite 
a few more in the New Year.

Please check the webstore regularly over the next day or two , as 
soon as they are ready they'll be posted on the store!

Jon (GZG)

PS: as always, please feel free to re-post this news item anywhere 
that you think folks might be interested!

Woohoo! Jon is back on the trail of extracting cash from the bank accounts of starship gamers!

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  1. Looks like your going to be a happy LADY ;-) then



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