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Monday, 23 December 2013

Challenge Day 09

Yesterday Curt posted a mammoth gallery page of all the entries for the first fortnightly bonus theme. There were forty of the Challengers who had made submissions. Every entry was very different and all were wonderful to see.

My entry was a medieval picnic scene which will be the camp for my Swiss army. This netted me 16 points for the scene plus the 50 theme bonus points, taking my total to 114 and putting me in 12th place.

As Seb correctly guessed yesterday, the project I'm working on for a rapid pre-Christmas submission is my Swiss halberdiers. I did manage to finish painting them last night, but too late to base them as well. I finished basing them a few minutes ago and I'm just waiting for the basing gunk to dry. This evening I should be able to complete the basing.

Here's a pic I took of them last night just before I did the Klear/ink coat:

These will give me a very welcome boost to my points total as I take a break from painting for a few days.


  1. Well done Tamsin. You are but 1 point ahead of me at the moment, but I suspect that will grow very rapidly looking at these Swiss troops. Excellent job on the picnic a very interesting and unusual piece. Makes a Perfect "Camp!"

  2. This is a stunning piece Tamsin the detail you have got into the terrain is superb.
    Have a Merry Christmas


  3. Fantastic groundwork on the camp scene Tamsin, really makes the scene.

  4. Very nice this bucolic base! Excellent performance of the grass and bushes, always beautiful coloring of the figures. A beautiful piece of art..

  5. That was a nice entry Tamsin.

    More Swiss-yay!!!

  6. Lovely work Tamsin, that ticks the non-combatants box nicely. Top work on the base as well!

    But I eagerly await the completion of those halberdiers - the prospect of seeing them all based up and ready to roll over any Burgundians who get big ideas about annexing the cantons warms the heart!

  7. Nice entry. I like it a lot.
    Looks like you are being very productive with your time.

  8. Nice piece:-)


  9. Cheers guys and gal!

    The basing was a rather heroic effort to do - 4 different colour grass tufts, 3 or 4 different colour blossom tufts and 3 different shades of static grass to finish it off. I had constructed most of the base a few months ago. If you look at the rear view picture you should get an idea of how I built up the rise - layers of smaller MDF bases then the whole lot covered with acrylic paste. I can tell from my total that Curt must have given some extra points for the basing.

    @ Clint - my points should leap ahead dramatically tonight :)

    @ Ev - they were completed and submitted last night, so Curt should be posting the pictures later today.
    "Down with the Burgundians!"

  10. A lovely little diorama, Tamsin. Looking forward to see your progress in the Challenge.
    A very happy holidays to you and yours.