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Monday, 18 February 2013

What's In The Box?

It's nice to be off work for a couple of days! It would be even nicer if it was three whole days, but I got persuaded/cajoled/briber to sit on a grievance appeal panel tomorrow afternoon which breaks up my little break.

Anyway, shortly after getting up the postman rang the bell for my flat. "ooooh, a small parcel! I wonder what this could be?"

A box (pic edited to obscure addresses):

Some sheets of Swiss flags:

A bunch of lead!

Yup, my order to finish off my Swiss army has arrived. On checking through the packs and doing some sorting I discovered that I'd made a booboo when placing the order. Instead of ordering 24 of one code I'd only ordered 1! Zoiks, I'll have to place another order for the 23 I'm missing!

So, if you're really unlucky you might be seeing a whole load of Swiss being rapidly painted and entered in the Challenge!

As I'll have to wait a few days at least for the pikemen I messed up the order for to arrive, I might make a start on the command stands, artillery and skirmishers.


  1. Don't you hate it when that happens, at least you still have something to paint


  2. Better that way round than ordering 23 too many.

  3. You mean they didn't give you President's Day off? Wait... you are in London! I suppose they don't celebrate Washington's Birthday in your neck of the oods.

  4. That's quite a big mistake Tamsin, you must have been on the plonk at the time, me thinks!

  5. @ Ian - to be fair, it was a big order with a lot of codes so the fact that I only messed up on one wasn't too surprising.

    @ Clint - If I'd ordered 23 too many, I'd simply have ordered enough extras to make up a couple more units! After all, you can't have too many Swiss pikemen!

    @ CelticCurmudgeon - strangely enough we don't get American holidays in the UK! *lol*

    @ Ray - a minor mistake, easily rectified, but I don't have the excuse of having been on the plonk ;)

  6. Paint them up and get those points!


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