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Thursday, 14 February 2013

2 More Pics of Norms

It seems you all enjoyed my post the other day, so here are 2 more pics of "Norms"

Norm-an Stanley Fletcher:

When I saw Ray's comment this was the first pic I thought of adding, but when I got round to writing the post I'd completely forgotten it and just did the other Norms. Oh well, better late than never!

Norm-an Knights WIP

They're almost done now. I just need to:

1) Paint shield designs
2) Attach riders to horses
3) Klear/ink coat
4) Matt spray varnish
5) Tuft and flock


  1. like your paint rack, great idea storing them on the side.
    The knights look great too
    are they the knights that say "ni"
    Peace James

  2. I've always liked a bit of Porridge!

  3. Hhahahaha, those were good. I went back and read it.

    James appears to have a good idea here. Add some shrubbery to this and do the bit from the film :)

  4. Like that some of the horses are on angles on the bases.
    Good idea.

  5. @ JamesB - I got the idea from someone else. The Stanley SortMaster is ideal for Vallejo/Reaper bottles. Putting them in cap-first has the advantage that you can quickly identify the bottles by their colour.

    @ Fran - with salt, not sugar, I hope!

    @ Anne (and James) - I might do a separate base for the shrubbery ;)

    @ Ray - cheers!

    @ The Kiwi - well, horses aren't particularly known for their ability to be trained in drill ;)

  6. Nice work Tamsin now hurry up and get those Norms finished ;)

  7. Nicely done! Keep calm and carry on!


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