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Saturday, 29 September 2012

WIP: Painting Helga #3; WIP: Andy's Prize Painting - ECW Cuirassiers #2; On The Workbench

Well, as promised, here are some pics of Helga in her finished state:

Andy's ECW Cuirassiers

Metallic bits painted, Klear/ink coat done, matt spray varnishing still to do. There's not much visible difference since the previous post, so I haven't taken pics of them but will once the matt spray is done.

On The Workbench

I've finally got back to doing my 30YW stuff. On the workbench at the moment are some dragoons to make up my existing units to 4 bases each; 2 draft horses for one of the wagons I painted up a few weeks back; some artillery supplies for a camp base; a farrier grouping (horse, farrier, horseholder) for another camp base; and an officer who will be the "(very) Camp Marshall).

I won't be doing any painting today as I have to head down to Sussex for my big sister's 50th birthday gathering. Depending on what time I get back to London tomorrow I may or may not get any painting done then.


  1. I like the Helga figure and what you've done with her. Is she a Hasselfree sculpt? Looks like she might do for augmenting an Imp Guard unit I am slowly working on.
    Enjoy the birthday. I would invite you to my 50th next month if you we're closer!
    Cheers, Mike

    1. Thanks Mike! She's an Artizan figure, available from North Star.
      Well, Canada is a bit far to travel, and as my passport has lapsed it wouldn't have been enough notice. Hope you have a great 50th!

  2. Nice work, love the farrier set as well.

  3. Have a great time at your sister Birthday there. Great painting there on Helga and also I love the dragoons.

  4. A very eclectic set of figures on your workbench at the moment! Looking forward to seeing more on those.