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Sunday, 2 September 2012

30YW: Danish Army on Church Parade

Well, it's Sunday and Christian IV had summoned his army to attend a tedious, long-winded, dull and boring morally uplifting and inspiring Lutheran service outside the walls of Copenhagen.

The seamstresses of that city have been very busy over the past few weeks and have turned out a huge number of standards, banners and pennants for the army. The Lutheran pastor has given them appropriate blessings and now Christian IV wishes to present them to his loyal troops.

The commanders ride onto the field to inspect the army.
L to R: State Flag, Chief of Staff, Royal Pennant, Royal Standard

The commanders of the infantry regiments receive their standards first

The Green-Blue Regiment of Foote, having been "Unit Of The Match" on the army's first outing, are given the honour of parading in front of the whole army.

Christian IV, pleased to note that the cuirassiers (despite initial reluctance) have seen sense and adopted the successful tactic of "tuftiness", presents the tin-cans-on-glue-ingredients with their standards. In a very generous move, he has even given the German mercenary cuirassier regiment a standard, even though they have not yet seen battle.
Hopefully pride in their standards in combination with the magic of tuftiness will provide a much-needed boost to their competence and performance.

The Red Regiment of Cuirassiers (having been the last to break in their first battle, and therefore the most successful) are invited to form up and demonstrate their battle skills.

To provide some encouragement, one of the generals joins them in attacking some captured enemy dragoons, in the open, unsupported and with their gunpowder having been replaced by coal dust. 

The artillery, including the newly formed 2nd battery, also received flags. The gunners were slightly worried about having been given 3 flags each - "In Original Hands", "Captured By Enemy" and "Recaptured By Own Troops"....


  1. Flagging hell, damn good turn out Tamsin!

  2. Beautiful work Tamsin!!! They do look excellent and very colourful!!! Where did you get the cannonballs from......he he!

  3. Fantastic they all look really good and stand out nicely

  4. Very pretty, but can they fight :-)

  5. Very nice final result Tamsin.

    Would you do me the honour of fighting my brave, though unfinished French sometime this month?

  6. Honour to the green-blue regiment...but don' t rely on your cuirassiers...;-)

    Here a rainy weekend...boring boring boring...:-(


  7. @ all - thanks! There are 4 more regimental standards, but as the JPG files had already been posted I chose not to use them for this. 73 flags printed and cut and only 3 had to be scrapped - pretty good going overall.

    @ Ray - *smack*

    @ Ferb - that remains to be seen....

    @ Seb - I'd be honoured to do you the honour. It will have to be in the latter half of the month though.

    @ Marzio - I'm hoping that the magic of tuftiness will improve their ability ;)

  8. The tuftyness must tuffen (LOL) them up for sure.


  9. Excellent! I especially like the double flag stands. Surely this is a malt-worthy achievement!

  10. Damn fine work Tamisin. Well written, great painting, fab standards.

  11. A wonderful showing there Tamsin.

  12. Reminder to myself, for Tamsin's and other's benefit. Must find a way of demonstrating my flag folding technique on my blog.