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Saturday, 15 September 2012

WIP: 30YW Musket Regiments #3

And they are finished. Well, they're painted, Klear-coated and based - just need to let the gunk dry, dry-brush it, spray with matt varnish then tuft and flock the bases.

And some close ups of the command bases. I was worried that they'd look very cramped, but they seem to be OK.

I'll finish these off tomorrow, then make a start on Andy's ECW dragoons. I might do my own dragoons at the same time.


  1. Never forget the tufts!!!!!

    Nice going Tamsin


  2. Nice work. The command stands look dense but not cluttered.

  3. Rapid and fast Tamsin ;-)

    Thus continuing you' ll create a 1/1 scale army...:-)


  4. A great looking unit, they don't look too cramped at all!


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