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Sunday, 23 September 2012

WIP: Dux's Painting Prize - Paras #2

And they're done! Well, apart from being sprayed with matt varnish. Before doing my normal Klear/ink coat, I gave them a coat of 50% Klear so that the ink would flow into the crevices and recesses better. I'm glad I did that, as I didn't want to obscure the shading effects from the painting itself.

So, here are some pics of them in their glossy state:

I'm pretty pleased with them - I hope you like them Dux. If you do, your mission is to go into a bar in Aldershot and say loudly "My mum told me only fairies have wings - she was right!" (kidding! It's really to go into a bar in Hereford and say ....)

I've also made a bit of a start on Andy's cuirassiers - horses base-coated white, armour and pistol barrels base-coated black. His dragoons are still waiting to be matt sprayed - it's been tipping down today, so no chance of opening windows for ventilation. Hopefully I'll be able to do the spraying tomorrow morning for the dragoons and the paras.


  1. Nice finished job Tamsin, I got fecking soaked at a McDonalds today!

  2. Nice one Tamsin, I got soaked today as well, but at least I didn't pay for the Maccy D!

  3. These look just great Tamisin. I've just started working with inks and managed to completely ruin a paintjob the other night. Clearly, I need to buy some Klear. Hope the weather cooperates with you tomorrow!

  4. Blimey, that was quick! They look brilliant. Now you just have to paint up the C47 to fly them out to Australia... Definitely owe you a pint in that bar in Aldershot...or Hereford.

  5. Thanks folks.

    @ Fran - well, if you will go to Maccy D's. Should have gone to BK instead - much nicer :)

    @ Ray - I wonder if the weather knew you were about to plunge into the Dark Side and buy GW Space Marines and was trying to deter you from going?

    @ Anne - inks are best used in a medium of some sort. My main ink washes are in 50% acrylic matte medium, 5% flow aid, but my final gloss coat is Klear/ink. I normally do that straight off once I've finished painting the 15mm figs, but for these I'd already done the shading - the inks were to give definition.

    @ Dux - it really was quick. I was surprised when I finished them and had to check I hadn't missed anything out! I'll skip the C47 if you don't mind and entrust them to the posties.

  6. Very nice work and fast too. Is this new method one you'll stick with?

  7. Nice looking figs, looking forward to seeing them matted down


  8. Stunning work on these guys Tamsin. Very well done.

  9. @ Sean - thanks. I'll certainly think about using it for 28mm+ figures. I think I may need to go a bit heavier with the pre-shading as it isn't as obvious as I'd hoped on the finished figures.

    @ Ian - watch this space! I took the risk of opening windows this morning and did the spraying (luckily no/little wind so no rain got blown in) and my plan is to take some close up pics this evening.

    @ Rodger - cheers!

  10. That's a well painted squad. Very cool as a prize.

  11. Looking good Tamsin. Looking forward to seeing them after they've been de-glossed.

  12. So far so good, and it seems you're a quick painter (lucky you!)

  13. @ Adam - thanks! Dux seems very pleased with what he's seen in digital form so far :)

    @ Lead Legion - cheers! Check my new post :)

    @ Annibal Invictus - thank you! I really don't know how I got them painted so quickly. I had to double check when I'd done the metal details to see what I'd missed and there wasn't anything ;)