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Friday, 14 September 2012

WIP: 30YW Musket Regiments #2

Having spent yesterday recovering from Congress, I managed to get a fair bit of painting done today:

Hats (including dry-brush)
Belts etc
Touch up breeches and boots/shoes
Ground colour on bases
Dry-brush apostles
Ivory wash on matchcord
Touch up jackets (well, more of a complete repaint of jackets as it happens)
Touch up musket stocks
Collars and other trim

There's now very little to do on the troopers - collars, hat feathers, stocking ribbons, metalwork then the Klear/ink coat and they're ready for basing.

Basing will have to wait until I've finished the officers. I need to do some touch-ups then do the trim and metalwork.

I should be able to get them all finished as far as the Klear/ink coat tomorrow. Once they are done, I'll be making a start on Andy's ECW dragoons as the first part of his painting prize.

Speaking of painting prizes, I now know what I'll be painting for the Dux - a squad of 28mm WWII British Paras. He's ordered them to come direct to me, along with a single mini for me as thanks - apparently when painted up he thinks it will make a good avatar for me. Intriguing, not to mention very generous :-)

Ahhh, I know what you're thinking - "where are the pics? We want pics!"

Well, here you go:


  1. Slow down, slow down, please. Every time I find myself thinking "Anne, you're getting a lot done", I come and visit you and then I want to lock myself in the bathroom and cry!

    I'm not sleeping tonight Tamisin, I'm painting until the sun comes up!

  2. Yes you seem to accomplish, with better results, over night what I take a week to do! :oP

  3. Nice one Tamsin, great looking figures, looking forward to seeing the Paras!!

  4. Good work, nice to have you back with us


  5. Very cool Blog, link added

  6. @ Anne - do bear in mind that I am painting smaller figures, to a less elaborate standard than you and have had a fair bit more practice at doing "production line" painting. I'm sure that if you were painting up regiments of 15mm figures to a "good tabletop standard" like me, you'd be painting just as quickly and probably achieving better results than me :)

    @ David - it's called "having my painting and computer desks at right angles to each other and painting while my tokens regenerate for a 5 hour guild battle in a FB game whilst chatting online with my guild mates". I was quite surprised by how much I got done, and might have to repeat the tactic :)

    @ Ray - thanks. I'm looking forward to painting the paras. The Denison camo should be quite interesting to get "right"

    @ Ian - ta! Good to be back in the swing of things.

    @ Rodger - I'm guessing that the word "nice" was missing - cheers! :)

    @ Al - thank you :)

  7. Nice work Tamsin, good luck with the paras!