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Sunday, 16 September 2012

WIP: 30YW Musket Regiments #4

And they are finally finished. The basing gunk was dry-brushed this morning then the figures were sprayed with matt varnish. Once that had dried I added tufts, then left the glue to set while I headed out for a bit to do my laundry and grab a fry-up at the cafe. I ended up taking slightly longer than expected as when I returned from the cafe to take my washing out of the machine I discovered that I'd forgotten to start the run (note to Fran - any more comments about Alzheimers will not be appreciated!). Whoops! Luckily my coins were still in the slot.

When I eventually got back from the launderette I flocked the bases. And here are the finished articles:

If you're all well behaved (I'm looking at you Fran and Ray), you might get a second post today of my initial progress on Andy's ECW dragoons.


  1. Alzheimers, Who?, Me?, Ray started it but the figures if I remember are excellent!

  2. Yep they look good, what did you say when you got back to the machine? Was it Flocking heck! and did you go for another fry up?


  3. Those boys never behave Tamisin, it's part of their charm!

    Great job on these, now get back to painting!

  4. Great work! I am so wanting an ECW army now.

  5. They're not finished yet, we need one of your excellent flags!!

    1. Yup, I need to do some German flags for these (and so I can use my army as Germans rather than Danes).

  6. Excellent work as always Tamsin.

  7. Cheers all!

    I did make a good start on the ECW dragoons yesterday, but didn't do a post as Fran was causing trouble (as always) ;)

    I'll post them when I get home after playing ironclads (French vs Italian) at the club tonight.